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Yeast Infection Prevention

“Following a proper yeast infection prevention plan is a productive way of warding off unnecessary infections. Through this article let us take a look at the yeast infection prevention diet and guidelines to be practiced…
One of the best techniques for yeast infection prevention is to practice hygiene. Staying clean and dry is one way to ward off any yeast infestation in the body.

Not only hygiene, but also the food that we eat determines the chances of acquiring yeast infections. Eating overtly sweet food stuffs can trigger the growth of the yeast called Candida Albicans, which causes candidiasis, or yeast infection (in common parlance). Though, both men and women are affected by this pathogen, yeast infection is of higher incidence in women. Normally, this yeast is present on the skin and in the vagina and is relatively harmless, with its presence hardly felt.

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Candidiasis can be contracted quite easily and it disrupts the balance of pH levels in the vagina, triggering overgrowth. According to a study, it has been observed that approximately three out of four women are vulnerable to this yeast infestation. So how do you recognize if you have contracted candidiasis? Symptoms like vaginal discharge, that may be smelly and resemble cottage cheese, itching or burning sensation in the vaginal area, irritation and a feeling of soreness during intercourse are some of the symptoms of yeast infection. To avoid unnecessary discomfort it is wise to practice a few yeast infection prevention methods, a few of which are listed for your reference.

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Yeast Infection Prevention Tips

It can be a very discomforting experience to be a victim of yeast infection. Recurring yeast infections can be avoided with the help of proper food and hygiene. Here are some ways on how to prevent yeast infections, observing which you can successfully ward off any kind of fungal attacks.

* As mentioned earlier, following a proper hygiene is one of the first steps towards yeast infection prevention. A moist environment is the breeding ground of yeast. So it is advisable to keep your genital area, dry and clean. Wipe yourself dry after a shower or if you have gone swimming.

* Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes or undergarments that may prevent air circulation. Wear clothes that allow the skin to breath freely, like cotton clothes. These clothes are light and also keep the skin moisture free.

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* Douching is a strict no-no and is also one of the measures for yeast infection prevention. While douching, some of the healthy bacteria, along with the mucus membrane in the vagina, are destroyed in the process, thereby disrupting the balance of pH levels in the vagina. This can make the fungus grow in number and cause irritation and discomfort.

* Products like soaps, toilet paper, lotions, etc., which have a strong scents should be avoided. These products may contain ingredients and chemicals which may be harsh on the skin and can also promote yeast infestation.

* Hygiene during menstrual cycles is a necessary measure. Changing sanitary pads and tampons, often during the days of period can help keep the vaginal area from getting infected.

* Using flavored condoms or lubricants which are oil based should be avoided. Flavored condoms contain certain chemicals which may trigger vaginal yeast overgrowth. It is also advised to practice safe sex to avoid passing the infection.

* Following an anti fungal diet that includes yeast infection prevention foods like fresh vegetables, multigrain breads, yogurt, lean meats, brown rice and other foods that are rich sources of complex carbohydrates. You can also include garlic in all your recipes, as this herb effectively prevents the growth of harmful pathogens.

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* Women suffering from diabetes are at a higher risk of contracting vaginal yeast infections, when compared to other women. Modify your diet accordingly so as to avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates, that may trigger fungal growth. Keeping a check on the blood sugar is also one of the effective ways to curb yeast infection.

These were some useful tips that need to be practiced in case of yeast infection prevention. Visit your doctor if the infection persists or causes more discomfort. Stay hygienic!”


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