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Yeast Infection Home Remedy Choices

Yeast Infection Home Remedy Choices

Yeast Infections can be unpleasant at best and downright painful at the worst. An estimated seventy five percent of all women will get at least one of these annoying infections during their lives. Diagnosis is crucial as these infections could cause symptoms similar to those of something more serious. If you find that you in fact are suffering from a yeast infection, there are many yeast infection home remedy options available.

Symptoms include itching or in and around the vaginal region, burning during urination, pain or discomfort with intercourse and a thick, white discharge. The cause is an imbalance of naturally occurring bacteria. This imbalance could be caused by antibiotics that kill certain bacteria and permit other bacteria to increase. Steroids, some birth control pills and excessive moisture in the vagina can additionally be contributors.

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Many women are finding help from tea tree oil. A mixture of tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol and water can be used as a douche or vaginal rinse once a day. It’s recommended that pregnant women check with their medical practitioners before using this solution.

The cultures in yogurt also have therapeutic effects. Purchase a plain, unsweetened yogurt and dip a regular tampon into it. Insert the tampon into the vagina as usual. Or, you can just rub the yogurt directly onto the region.

Garlic, which has been coming back into the limelight for multiple health benefits, is also beneficial against yeast infections. Garlic pills or fresh garlic can be consumed orally. If eating fresh garlic, it is best to crush or dice it and swallow quickly with a full glass of water. Or, a single clove of garlic might be inserted into the vagina twice a day.

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There are also things that you can do to forestall an infection. Avoid excessive moisture by wearing underwear created with breathable fabrics, like cotton. Steer away from man-made fabrics and tight pants. Sugary foods may also result in more frequent bouts with infection,so cutting back on those foods could be a helpful preventive move.

If you do suffer from excessive yeast, try some of the yeast infection home remedy choices above to get relief.


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