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Will A Memory Foam Topper Improve Your Sleep?

The purpose of a memory foam topper is to supply a similar amount of comfort as a memory foam mattress while being less costly. It is thinner than a full mattress and located directly on top of the current bed. This approach provides the individual almost all the advantages of a memory foam mattress while slashing the price a great deal.

Density, firmness, thickness, and cost are just a few of the things that must be considered when looking for a topper. Moreover, you need to find a top quality memory foam topper cover that won’t only shield the topper, but increase the appearance and luxury too.

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Should you buy a memory foam mattress topper?

When attempting to ascertain if a memory foam bed topper is best for you there are many things that should be considered. Is your present mattress firm or soft? Is it flat or does it have dips or droopy sections? Answering these 2 questions can help you determine if a topper is right for you.

If one mattress is firmer than another, will that make it better? Many people seem to think the firmer the better. However, many experts are saying that sleeping on an overly firm bed will reduce circulation, causing a sleeper to repeatedly change posture in an effort to obtain comfort. This extra movement can cause the individual to awaken, resulting in lower quality sleep.

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If your existing bed has dips, adding a topper may not cause it to become considerably more comfortable. The topper will not take away the dips, but it will normally help boost the comfort level. It also will not work magic on soft beds. If a bed has dips or is merely too soft it might be a wiser alternative to buy a new mattress before obtaining a mattress pad to place on top.

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Is density a vital aspect?

The way density is rated is by compression. The larger the “pound rating” the denser and firmer the pad. A mattress topper pad that has been rated at less than 4 pounds is normally not considered desirable. However, it needs to be mentioned that not all 4 pound toppers will have a similar feel. A pad created by one maker might feel softer or firmer than a pad made by a different maker, even if they are rated as having the identical density. The only sure method to determine which one you will like best is to test them out. As a general rule of thumb, higher-priced mattress topper pads are denser and firmer than less costly pads. This isn’t always the case, but is true the majority of the time. So be careful of low-cost pads.

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Is a 4-inch pad excessively thick?

Normal thicknesses for memory foam toppers are from 1 to 4 inches, and at times more. Prices increase as thickness gets higher so if you would like to save cash you should look for thinner pads. A 1-inch thickness will add comfort to your current bed, but not as much as a pad that’s thicker. 2-inch pads are perfect because they will increase the comfort and quality of sleep, lessen aches and pains, and are cheaper than thicker pads. A 2-inch pad should be excellent for small to average-sized individuals, but a larger individual should most likely buy a 3-inch or thicker foam topper.

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Is temperature sensitivity important?

Another factor to think about is whether or not the pad has a temperature sensitivity feature. Memory foam absorbs and retains body heat, which can make the topper too warm and uncomfortable for some individuals. However, if it has a temperature sensitivity feature it can adjust its temperature automatically which can increase comfort.


How necessary is it to buy a memory foam topper cover?

The final matter concerns the memory foam topper cover. Pads that are thinner can typically be located between the old mattress and its cover if there’s adequate room, but thicker pads usually will not fit. However, it is normally an excellent idea to get an independent cover for several reasons.

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Memory foam is manufactured from chemical substances that can cause skin irritation or hypersensitivity in some people. A nice cover will act like a barrier between the foam and the individual, making skin irritations and hypersensitive reactions less apt to happen. When choosing between a thin or thick cover you need to make sure that the cover isn’t so thick that it’ll detract from the comfort of the topper itself, but not so thin that it will not be a decent barrier.

The cover will even shield the foam from spills and stains and improve the lifespan of the topper pad itself. And whatever you can do to make it last longer can save you cash in the long term.


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