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Who Needs Alcohol Treatment The Most?

Who Needs Alcohol Treatment The Most?

Anyone, anywhere who is drinking alcohol habitually and finds themselves unable or unwilling to stop can benefit greatly from alcohol treatment. Life-saving alcohol addiction treatment programs may be the only way to break the cycle of addiction before it threatens the long-term health and well-being of the individual.

Although alcoholism has long been seen as a ?man?s disease?, there are enough women who suffer from the condition to see the advent of women?s-only alcohol treatment facilities around the country. The symptoms experienced by female alcoholics are similar to those of men, but it is the root causes of alcoholism that are somewhat different. Women begin drinking for reasons such as: self-image issues, co-dependency, physical and sexual abuse and other predominantly gender-specific reasons.

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Individuals with Depression or other Mental Health Issues

Recent studies have found that as many as half of those who suffer from alcohol addiction also have a co-occurring mental disorder such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or other conditions. This creates a highly volatile situation and one that is not always easy to treat.

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For one thing, the symptoms of alcoholism and say, depression, are very similar. Each condition also tends to acerbate the other. An individual who suffers from alcohol addiction may need alcohol rehab, but their depression or anxiety is keeping them from seeing the problem clearly enough to seek treatment.

Dual diagnosis rehab facilities are designed to help these high risk individuals by offering integrated care from a team of addiction treatment professionals and psychiatric counselors.

Teenagers or Adolescents Need Alcohol Treatment

Perhaps no group of people is at greater risk in terms of alcohol addiction than teenagers and adolescents. Alcohol is the most prominently used drug among young people ? who are at an age when experimentation and rebellion are at an all time high. Teens who are addicted to alcohol MUST receive treatment so that their path in life does not become overly negative in direction.

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What Happens During Alcohol Treatment?

The alcohol treatment process can be intimidating, but with the right amount of information, will become a welcomed experience for all those suffering through a life best by addiction or abuse.

  1. There are three basic components to almost all alcohol treatment programs in the United States. These components include:Detox. During alcohol detox, the individual sees their body cleansed of the toxins associated with alcohol. This can be a challenging process, as the individual is likely to experience a series of alcohol withdrawal symptoms that can lead to relapse or mental health problems.
  2. Counseling. When alcohol detox is complete, the recovering alcoholic begins the counseling process. Individual and group counseling are the means by which the alcoholic begins understanding the root causes behind their addiction. This is a powerful process, as the individual will come to grips with the triggers for the drinking and learn how to change their behavior so that they may achieve and maintain sobriety.
  3. Aftercare. The final piece of the alcohol treatment puzzle, aftercare helps individuals maintain sobriety when their program is over ? and gives them a place to turn when they feel as if relapse might occur. The most common forms of aftercare are 12-step programs and follow-up counseling sessions.

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