When Should You Consider Going in For IVF?

“Infertility in today’s busy, hyperactive, and anxiety-prone society is gradually becoming a major concern for many couples worldwide. Proper timing of ovulation and fertilization of the egg inside the female body cause the start of a new life. However, male infertility, due to various reasons, such as heavy smoking, alcoholism, severe mental stress, less sperm count, and insufficient motile sperm, is adding significantly to the issue. Similarly, various reasons (few similar to smoking, alcoholism), lack of good quality (fertile) eggs, irregular menstrual cycle, vaginal and uterus health and positioning are among few potential factors for infertility in females.

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However, it is suggested, if a couple fails to conceive naturally even after a one or a half years of trying, they should consider consulting expert advice. Initially the practitioners suggest medications that would potentially help improve the sperm and egg quality, and effect in regular menstrual cycles. The growth, stimulation, and rupture of the female ovum is monitored over timely intervals so as to enhance the chances of fertilization, naturally.

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IUI (intrauterine insemination) is another highly developed method that advances the chances of female egg fertilization as the sperm of the male, after careful washing and filtering, is directly injected inside the mouth of the uterus. This ensures maximum number of best-quality sperms entering into the uterus where the fully developed egg resides for certain duration for fertilization.

However, if a couple is unable to conceive through IUI then the couple must consider going for IVF or In vitro fertilization treatment. IVF is the best procedure to enhance the chance of pregnancy, wherein the egg of the female is taken and fertilized in a very sterile environment following strict medical protocols, and then transplanted inside the female’s uterus to grow. It is wise for couples to go for IVF as early as possible as increasing age of the female reduces the chances of getting pregnant.

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