What You Give, You Shall Receive

What You Give, You Shall Receive

Much of the time when people feel unloved, unattractive, or their needs are not being met, they will withdraw from their spouse and return the same attention they feel they are getting, which is none. Closing off can lead to bigger problems, possibly leading to more damage and destruction of the relationship. In an effort to get their needs met, they may begin to nag, lie, or completely withdraw. It’s important to take notice of your own behaviors and how you treat your spouse when you feel like your needs are not being met.

Not Feeling Loveda
When people do not feel loved by their spouse, they may begin to doubt themselves, wonder why their spouse does not love them and change how they treat their spouse. As stated in previous articles, love is not about getting, it is about giving. If you focus on not feeling loved by your spouse, you’re not likely to fix the situation. It is probable that if you are not feeling loved; you are not treating your spouse in a loving way either. Focusing on ensuring your spouse feels loved may help them to return the love they are feeling

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Feeling Abandon
It is common some times to feel like you are not receiving the attention you desire from your spouse. How you respond to your feelings and to your spouse can have a big difference in whether the problem continues. Usually, trying to change your spouse to gain attention can often result in behaviors that exacerbate the problem.
If you feeling like your spouse has emotionally abandon you, don’t waste the time you do have together nagging, complaining, or whining. Instead create an enjoyable experience for both of you. Do something fun, go out on a date, try to find out what you can do to meet your spouse’s needs. Your spouse most likely will reciprocate and increase the amount of time and attention your spouse gives you.

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Work as a Team to Meet Your Needs
If you feel like your needs aren’t being met in the marriage, it is important to talk openly with your spouse. Don’t blame, don’t criticize, Think about what you can do to improve the situation. How can you work as a team? How can you problem solve together? What are the pros and cons of the situation? What are your partner’s goals? What are your goals? If you start only focusing on your needs not being met, you’ll likely neglect your partner’s needs and only damage the relationship further.


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