Breast Cancer

What You Didn’t Already Know About Breast Cancer

“What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the result of a mutational process or the abnormal changes taking place inside genes, which control the progress and functioning of the cells. The cells in our body keep changing throughout our life with new cells replacing the old cells. Sometimes due to mutation, genes are affected thus producing abnormality in the system. This aberration causes the formation of tumors, which could well be the basis of serious cancer disease. Genetic problems could be the primary risk factors for breast cancer. Its symptoms include thickening around the breast area, abnormal shape of the nipple, discharge of some fluid from the nipples, and change in the size of the breast.

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There are basically the two situations of this type of cancer; benign and malignant. The malignant tissues are considered more dangerous and hazardous, than the benign cells. Benign tissues are less risky, because they don’t spread to the other areas and their rate of growth is slower. On the other hand, malignant are true cancerous cells, which spread to the other parts. The malignant tissues grow fast and are difficult to manage.

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The symptoms of this cancer are not too exposed during the early stages, but as the size of the tumor grows, signs get clearer. There could be several common signs and symptoms, such as accumulation of a lump around the breast area, different size of the breast, changes in skin color, and awkward direction of the nipple. If anyone has these kinds of symptoms, they should quickly consult some medical expert or doctor.

It is considered being the result of genetic problem or abnormality but most of the time, this is not the case. The results have shown that only 5-10 % of the cancers are due to the genetic abnormality. The most common cause is the abnormality, being created due to the aging process and other reasons.

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The safety measures are a lot better to adopt than the treatment of cancer. Those persons who eat balanced foods, follow strict nutritional plan and avoid the overuse of alcohol, are considered to have less possibility of this sort of cancer. Moreover exercising is as important as taking medications. The chances of breast cancer can greatly be reduced by following the above mentioned rules and suggestions.

The surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormonal therapy, are the most common methods of treatments for breast cancer. With the latest developments and improvements in the medical research area, new efficient techniques have been developed to combat this disease. The awareness about its symptoms and causes should be created among the general public to control the spreading of this ailment.”


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