What Drives Men Away in a Relationship? Part 2

What Drives Men Away in a Relationship? Part 2

Men tend to have very important relationships with their mothers and often they will look for some of that same mothering and kindness from their partners however it is possible to take this too far. Sometimes when it’s done to an exaggerated extent it feels to a man as though he is being treated as a child, as though he isn’t considered responsible enough to handle things as his own man.

He will find that offensive and furthermore by mothering him too much he is likely to view you less and less in a romantic light. Let you man deal with his problems and rest assured that if he really needs help, he will ask you.

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Men by nature are givers and they adore to feel they are making you happy. They want to be the hero, they want to rescue you. They want to solve your problems and to be really appreciated in return. One of the greatest things you can do for a man is to make it really obvious that he is pleasing you and making you happy. This will automatically make him feel great. Allow him to please you and make sure you communicate to him that you are aware of what he does for you. It will make your partner feel power and confidence as a man which translates in his mind to “This girl makes me feel great”.

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Finally, realize that men and women are by their natures very different creatures. Instead of trying to change a man learn to understand and accept him. In return you should also expect him to do the same for you. It’s through a better understanding of how the opposite sex works that you’ll find harmony and create a great relationship. Acceptance is the key and through learning how to appreciate the differences between you as positives which make the relationship more interesting you’ll find yourself with a much happier man and one who is far more likely to commit you for all his life.


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