Want A Sleep Better During Pregnancy? Use The Correct Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

“What has been your least favorite part of pregnancy? If you said sleep difficulties you are not alone. Many expectant mothers have a hard time getting s good night’s sleep. But there is good news, by using the correct pregnancy sleeping positions you can finally get the sleep you so desperately want.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many transformations. These transformations have the tendency to disturb your normal peaceful sleep. Perhaps you are wondering, why you are so uncomfortable with your usual positions? The reasons are enlarged abdomen, backache, indigestion, difficulty in breathing, and restless nights.

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So, what is the most ideal sleeping position?

The best sleeping position while pregnant is the side sleeping position, specifically the left side. Left side sleeping will boost the amount of nutrients and blood that get to your baby and the placenta. Simply keep your knees and legs bent and put a pillow in the middle of your legs.

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When is it best for you to use the side sleeping position?

? Side sleeping position is ideal if you are experiencing backaches. Simply place a pillow underneath your stomach to feel even more comfortable.
? If you are having heartburn in the evening and you wish to support the upper parts of your body with a pillow.
? In the latter stage of pregnancy you might suffer from difficulty in breathing, try sleeping on your side or use a pillow for support.

These recommendations might not sound ideal for you particularly if you are accustomed to sleeping on your tummy or your back, but you can try these suggestions and realize that they actually work. Remember that you might not remain in a single position while sleeping and changing positions is alright.

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What kind of sleeping positions must be avoided?

Never sleep on your back and stomach. This position can bring about problems with your digestive system, breathing, backaches, low blood pressure, hemorrhoids and poor circulation to your heart and your baby?s as well. This may cause your abdomen to rest on your major blood vessels and intestines.

In conclusion, sleeping on your left side is one of the best pregnancy sleeping positions that you can choose to get a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep. Using this sleeping position will help you to not only get a healthy but also a comfortable night of sleep.”


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