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Vaginitis is an Unwanted Women’s Friend

“The term “”vaginitis”” is defined as a state of the vagina – sore, without referring to a specific cause. Therefore laboratory tests are required – to find the cause. Vaginitis is not caused byvirus; is often caused by changes in vaginal flora balance.

In the digestive tract, in vagina, on the skin, there are many bacteria, without causing any problems. Bacteria called lactobacillus in the vagina (“”good”” bacteria) maintain by secretions an acidic environment. This acidic environment is conducive to their own development andalso has a protective role, maintaining vaginal health by preventing the proliferation of other types of bacteria (“”bad”” bacteria). This condition is normal. But for some reason the balance is broken and pathogenic bacteria (most times Gardnerella vaginalis and Candida albicans) multiply excessively, causing infections. Some of the causes that can lead to vaginal flora imbalance are excessive genital toilet with harsh soaps, thick vaginal washing, and laminate tight underwear, prolonged treatment with antibiotics or diabetes.

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It is a matter of controversy whether or not vaginitis is sexually transmitted infection because the bacterial balance change can occur if there is no sex. But often vaginitis is associated with a sexually transmitted infection, change or resumption of sexual partner. Infection increases the likelihood of pelvic inflammatory disease.
50% of women with this condition are asymptomatic. If symptoms appear, they consist of burning sensation during urination, irritation of the vulva and vagina, itching in the vagina, abnormal secretions watery gray-whitish and with the stench of fish that intensifies after intercourse or during menstruation.

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Differences between the three types of vaginitis
1. Bacterial vaginitis – vaginal infections occur when normal flora is attacked by harmful bacteria. This disease is most common.
2. Fungal vaginitis – Also called candidiasis, is caused by a fungus and is the second type of vaginitis in incidence.
3. Trichomonas vaginitis – It is a venereal disease, sexually transmitted, the spread is 3% -5% of all women who suffer from some form of vaginitis. Diagnosis is made after analysis of vaginal discharge under a microscope and by measuring the acidity (positive result if pH is higher than 4.5).

Treatment is oral antifungal or antibiotic substances in the form of cream for local application or oral treatment. Method is chosen depending on the particular medical health of the patient. The doctor will decide, after the analysis, if and partner should seek treatment. But even ifthe person will follow one of therapy is possible a return of affection. To prevent this disease should be followed a treatment to remove conditions that may favour changing the balance of vaginal flora.

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To avoid damaging the vaginal flora balance it is recommended the use of cotton underwear, external pads, avoid wearing tight pants or synthetic materials used in cleaning devices, barrier methods (diaphragm and spermicidal applicator), avoid harsh soaps, vaginal lavage, discuss with your doctor if you follow a long-term treatment with antibiotics.

Risk factors for vaginitis
1. Early sexual activity
2. Multiple sex partners
3. Use an intrauterine device
4. Vaginal washes
5. Oral-genital sexual activity
6. Presence of past sexual diseases
7. Vaginal contraceptive gels, antifungal vaginal creams, suppositories

How can you prevent vaginitis?
1. Hygiene by using a pH-neutral soap
2. Avoiding intimate hygiene sprays
3. Avoiding tight clothing, underwear, synthetic materials
4. Protect yourself during intimacy with multiple partners
5. Avoid stress, there was demonstrated a direct link between it and the appearance of vaginitis
Vaginitis untreated can cause infertility, premature birth, intra-amniotic infection, endometriosis, cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia, gynecologic infections.

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Natural treatment for vaginitis with Calivita products
– Liquid Chlorophyll – with chlorophyll extracted from alfalfa – acts as an internal cleanser for the body, helps the immune system through a antibacterial and anti-inflammatory fortification. Has good diuretic properties and can be used to treat prostatitis and acute or chronic cystitis.
– Acidophilus with Psyllium probiotics help restore intestinal and vaginal flora disturbed by the use of antibiotics and create an unfavourable environment for different pathogens.
– Green Care is a food supplement based on extracts of alfalfa recommended especially in digestive disorders, but also good for detoxifying because the diuretic properties throughout the body.”


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