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Urinary Tract Infection Natural Cure

A urinary tract infection natural cure can be a better option than using antibiotics. Indeed, most people prefer to take the natural option if given a choice as this can be better for the body as a whole than using harsh antibiotics or even over the counter treatments. Although for some conditions, taking doctor-prescribed medicine is undoubtedly the best option, in the case of UTI’s this is rarely the case and is one of the reasons why some women simply seem prone to one infection after another.

Bacteria is naturally present within the urinary tract. There are two main strains-one is beneficial and protective whereas the other can be harmful if allowed to overgrow. Normally, the bacteria is self-balancing, with the beneficial bacteria killing any substantial growths of bad bacteria. However, for any number of reasons, bad bacteria might begin to multiply and if there is insufficient beneficial bacteria, or if it is simply not strong enough, the symptoms of a UTI will begin, including an unbearable and very painful urge to urinate.

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Although antibiotics will kill off bacteria, they will kill off all strains, meaning that there is no protective bacteria left. This means that as soon as the antibiotics are finished, the body has a hard job building up supplies from scratch. On the other hand, a urinary tract infection natural cure works by supplementing the beneficial bacteria, giving it the means to fight off the bad bacteria itself, along with using a range of other strategies for symptomatic relief. The following tips will help get things back to normal:

  • Drink at least 2 liters of water daily
  • Drink a couple of glasses or unsweetened cranberry juice daily
  • Wear cotton panties-avoid synthetic fabrics at all costs!
  • Use a hot water bottle on the abdomen for pain relief
  • Take a vitamin C supplement daily
  • Eat a good diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid sugar where possible, as this can “feed” harmful bacteria
  • Do not use perfumed products around the vagina
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There is a robust home remedy which begins to get rid of the pain within just a few minutes and most people are completely pain free by the following day. It is fully guaranteed to work and can be delivered to your inbox in just a couple of minutes with no delays and no expensive shipping costs.

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