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Tubal Ligation Side Effects No One Tells You About

Tubal Ligation Side Effects No One Tells You About

Many women have to make a big decision at some point during their reproductive years. While some women may have as many children as nature will allow, others decide that they need to undergo female sterilization in order to prevent future pregnancies. Most women opt to have their tubes tied if they no longer wish to have children. However, many women don’t consider the possible tubal ligation side effects that may occur after having this procedure.

Tubal ligation should be considered a permanent form of birth control. It is possible to have a reversal done if a woman decides that she does want to have additional children. While the procedure does exist, there is not a 100% success rate with it so it is important that a woman not undergo tubal ligation unless she is quite sure that she doesn’t want additional children.

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The great thing about a tubal ligation is that there is no daily pill that has to be taken to prevent pregnancy. It allows the woman to feel like she can move on with her life and not have to worry about any surprises. The procedure is fairly easy to have done, although it is major surgery if one does not count the new Adiana and Essure systems, and will be immediately effective for most women (Adiana and Essure are not effective immediately).

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One of the real possible tubal ligation side effects is what happens with a very small number of women. These women actually can have their tubes grow back together and end up with a very big surprise in the form of a positive pregnancy test.

Furthermore, women must remember that tubal ligation does not prevent any sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, it’s important that she still takes the necessary precautions when having unprotected sex with someone she is not sure about.

Tubal ligation is more complicated than male sterilization and has more risks associated with the surgery itself. Tubal ligation side effects due to this surgery can include many things such as infection, possible nerve damage and problems with anesthesia during the procedure itself. A woman should talk with your doctor at length before agreeing to have the procedure so that she understands every possible side effect and danger to having it done.

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Additionally, your doctor probably won’t tell you about post tubal ligation syndrome. This is a collection of symptoms that women can have following their tube tying surgery. Some doctors do believe it is caused by hormonal changes due to the surgery since the reproductive system has been compromised by the surgery. Others believe it is caused by an atrophy of the organs due to damage to the blood system surrounding the reproductive system.

Whatever causes it, this set of tubal ligation side effects can make life miserable for the women involved. In fact it can affect the whole family as the women can become bedridden or housebound during certain times of the month in the more pronounced cases. You can see how the mood swings, menopausal symptoms, headaches, and a long list of other symptoms that make up these tubal ligation side effects are things you may not have heard about until you start to suffer them yourself, if you do.


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