The Unfamiliar Side of Facebook

The Unfamiliar Side of Facebook: How Can You Self-Improve, Develop and Grow While Using Facebook?

It is quite easy “tempting” to present yourself on Facebook somewhat different than “who you really are”. Maybe you do so in order to receive more attention; more love; more positive affirmations and respect from others – thinking you will not receive these otherwise. After all, who doesn’t crave to be loved and appreciated, and if there is anything we can do to facilitate it, why shouldn’t we?

If, however, you find out that part of your enthusiasm about Facebook is based on receiving all this attention, love and appreciation and you are truly and sincerely motivated to figure out what does it all mean about “who you are” as a person, you can use your time, interactions on Facebook as well as your attitudes towards Facebook to face the “real you” and expand your Self-Growth and Development.

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You can begin by observing your attitudes and reactions to your Facebook’s interactions with your friends. For example:
* Do you, upon waking up in the morning find yourself running up to the computer with excitement mixed with anxiety to see how many “friends” have commented on your latest status?
* Does your heart beats heavily while you impatiently wait to find out how many people have requested your friendship while you were asleep?
* Do you feel you compete with others on the number of friends you accumulate?
How facing yourself via Facebook can facilitate your self-growth and development?
Observing yourself, your attitudes and interactions on Facebook can help you figure out whether you get from Facebook a few things you do not get in “the real world”; whether you have some needs, fears, expectations and fantasies which might make it difficult for you to find a true intimacy in “the real world” (such as: need for endless love and attention; fear of commitment or intimacy).
Taking advantage of the unfamiliar side of Facebook can help you:
* Think, reflect and contemplate what is it that do you really get out of Facebook: is it love and attention that you do not get “out there” in the real world? Is it that you need these more than you do get?
* Get in touch with what kind of a friendship and intimacy is really important to you;
* Understand the escape routes you might have taken to run away from true intimacy;
* Get in touch with your expectations and fantasies about friendships and relationships and realize whether they are realistic enough;
* Understand your needs and fears, and realize how to you go about fulfilling your needs and confronting your fears;
* Learn to distinguish between real friendship and an artificial one.

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Taking advantage of the unfamiliar side of Facebook for your personal growth
As you discover the “hidden” opportunities available via Facebook for you personal growth and development and decide to take advantage of these, you can utilize the time and energy you spend on Facebook to learn about yourself and figure out how to go about attaining greater Self-Awareness and self-empowerment.


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