The Trend Of Partner Relationship Management With CRM Tools

The Trend Of Partner Relationship Management With CRM Tools

It’s important to give partners what they want. Without taking care of partners, it will make it very hard to effectively market through the different channels. By setting up a strong partner program, businesses can get more assistance with sales and thus more customers buying their product or service. The only way for a program to work, however, is if it is managed properly.

There is a lot of debate as to whether it’s necessary to create an entire partner relationship management program (PRM) or if it can be used in conjunction with a customer relationship management (CRM) program. More companies have CRM tools in place than they do PRM tools, however PRM requires something a little different than typical customer relationship management. Channel marketing is of the utmost importance. Companies must market to their particular demographic for each channel that they conduct business in. If a company is marketing ineffectively, it can be the downfall to the company itself. To ensure the marketing strategies in place are getting the desired results, many companies are using customer relationship management tools.

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CRM tools are in place to help understand who is buying what. Various analytic reports can be run to see who the target demographic is, what they are buying and how much they are spending. All of this data can be used to then make recommendations to customers on what they should buy next, as well as what other demographics can be targeted.

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Partner relationship management takes CRM a little further. This involves knowing what the partners are doing, who the partners are targeting and what the partners’ customers want to buy. When there is a better relationship between the company and its partners, it’s a win-win for everyone. The company will be able to choose better partners, partners will be able to get more sales and consumers will be able to get the products they want.

When a partner program has been established properly, it can even help a company in research and development. Companies who take the time to research what their partners and their partners’ customers want will be able to develop products and services more effectively. This can be seen in virtually every industry. Cupcake companies can learn of new flavors, dog apparel companies can learn of new styles and mobile companies can learn of new apps.

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Channel marketing is a great way for a company to grow. However, some channels will become stagnant after a while if they aren’t nurtured. By involving partners, it can help to generate more sales in a quicker amount of time. However, the channel marketing efforts needs to be managed to ensure the right partners are in place and that the partners are getting what they need in order to make a particular brand successful.

A partner program needs to be managed. This can be done inside of a CRM program or on its own through a partner relationship management program. Either way, it needs to be able to pull the proper data, provide the best reports and conduct the most analysis.

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There are many PRM tools available online. Some of them will integrate with a CRM program and others are standalone. As a result, it becomes necessary to compare options. Companies who take the time to manage their partners will have more success with marketing across every channel they do business in. It’s the companies who don’t bother managing their partners and their customers that fall behind.


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