The Three Right Things You Need to do to Get a Baby Boy

“Getting pregnant with a baby is the ultimate test to prove womanhood for many women. And if they already have a girl from a previous pregnancy then a baby boy is the pinnacle to a woman’s joy, and that doesn’t mean that women will shun a girl either. They will want to keep it too. Often the desire for a boy arises out of the desire to have one baby of each sex in the family at least.

If the woman is getting pregnant for second time, the lady is certain to know that a safe home is a perquisite to have a pleasant mothering experience, and that an ADT Home Security system will give her all the peace of mind she may want during those days when she is carrying.

If all that you want is get pregnant with a baby boy, and went looking for advices from doctors, then, chances are that they will have none for you. Here is at least one thing that you can trust your grandmas more than doctors. Doctors can tell whether it is a boy or a girl only after you have become pregnant, and not how to get pregnant with a baby boy. Grandmas will let out the secrets only if you discuss your desire with them, not once or even a dozen times but as often as you can, and they let the cat out of the bag.

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Pick the little bits of information that they will spill, assemble them into a coherent plan and deliver a healthy baby boy. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a baby boy; you can always try another time; many times in fact. Here are some methods you can try. They cost nothing and there can be nothing more pleasant than delivering babies after babies into your family.

Choose the Right Time for Making Babies
The time you choose to make love with your partner is an important factor that will determine the sex of your baby, and that the grandmas will tell you the first thing. Most couples have their own favorite time for making love; some do it in the morning just before they leave the bed, some midway in their sleep or before they finally fall into slumber. For some it is a midday siesta on a cozy Sunday. If you are to believe to believe your grandmas, hope you will, then sex during the afternoon is the best time for a baby. Give it a try. It is a win-win situation for both of you. What have you to lose anyway?

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Choose the Right Position
Couples have their own preferred position, agreed, but don’t you want the baby boy you have been longing for? And the best, most grandmas who have borne plenty of boys will vouch for the efficacy of the missionary position; man on top, but then you need to be in good shape with little or no tummy that can rob you the pleasure off. So before you plan getting pregnant for a boy don’t forget to get yourself getting into good shape. Again there is nothing to lose, except the big fat ugly bulge that no one will want anyway.

Choose the Right Food
What has food to do with getting a baby boy? The do have a profound effect, and that the grandmas will tell you in no uncertain terms. Is it all right to have them the night before you make love? No, not at all, you need to make it a habit many days or even months before. Boys it seems love potassium and sodium, and of course not to forget the foods that contain a lot of it; bananas, red meat, fish, sweet corn, , but not the least, don’t forget to do your daily exercise along with your husband, and if he is adamant, then promise him a baby boy, he is sure to fall for the lollypop.”


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