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The Female Sex Drive – Tips For Better Sex

The Female Sex Drive – Tips For Better Sex

Did you know that as much as 46% of women are unhappy with their sex life? Much of this is due to sexual frustration and low female sex drive. There are many causes for low female sex drive and part of that is due to the fact that the female sex drive is more sensitive to environmental, physical, and psychological influences than men.

So how do you increase a female’s sex drive? The answer is by working with some of the major causes that lower female sexual desire. Let’s take a look.

1. Stress and Low Female Sex Drive

As mentioned above stress has a great impact on the female drive. When your woman is thinking about work, kids, or finances her mind is overwhelmed with anxiety that sex is the farthest thing on her mind. However, this is important to increasing the female sex drive.

It is said that a woman must first convince herself to want sex before she is ready for it. Yes, this is true. Recall those times when sex was painful for her? This is because when the brain receives arousal signals it prepares her body for sex.

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Her vaginal fluids and the depth of the vagina increase in order to accommodate penetration. When a woman is not in the mood, all those bodily changes that require her to enjoy sex don’t occur thus she experiences pain and discomfort during sex. This creates a negative experience about sex and could cause her to resent it.

Therefore, the key for better sex first starts in the mind. Help your woman relax and de-stress so that she is more open to intimacy and sexual advances. Have her take on activities to de-stress like yoga or work to make her day a little easier by giving her a hand with household chores. Although this may sound simple, a huge cause for low female sex drive is psychological ones such as stress. Combating stress is the first step to re-igniting her sexual spark.

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2. Female Sex Drive Enhancers

Physical influences such as low genital blood flow are one of the major causes for low sex drive and performance in men and women. This discovery prompted many developments in sexual enhancement products. Soon products like Viagra and Enzyte were available for men to increase genital blood flow, sexual performance, and arousal. But what about women? Women too suffer from these causes and want to enhance their sex life as well.

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Now, new female sex drive enhancers work to increase female arousal and ability to orgasm by stimulating clitoral blood flow. How do they work? These libido enhancers use L-Arginine, a natural amino acid which works to increase clitoral blood flow and sensitivity. This promotes sexual arousal in women and her ability to orgasm.

L-arginine cream instantly works to increase clitoral blood blow and is applied right before sex. Within a minute you will feel a tingly sensation and be highly aroused. As clitoral blood flow increase so does your ability to orgasm. Consider libido enhancers such as Femelle to increase your female sex drive.

3. Female Sex Drive Mood Lifters

Because women are so sensitive to their environment, taking the time to set the mood can really help to turn her on. Play romantic or relaxing music at home, light some candles, turn off your cell phones and eliminate distractions. Create an environment of intimacy. This could be as simple as buying satin sheets so that the bed looks more like a place for sex and not for sleep.

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A great technique for setting the mood is giving her a massage. You don’t have to be an expert even a slight rub down works wonders to stimulate blood flow in all the right areas!

Finally, remember increasing the female sex drive involves nurturing psychological, physical, and environmental factors. A woman wants sex but her greatest problem is convincing herself. You can do this by de-stressing her mind or with libido enhancers which create sensations in her body that she can’t ignore!


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