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The Dark Side of Anti Aging Skin Care Creams

The Dark Side of Anti Aging Skin Care Creams

You like many other people may be desperate to look for a real solution for your skin care problems and to eliminate wrinkles that are starting to show up, however due to the high demand of anti aging products and treatments, many new products are released each year that make huge claims that can not be back up with clinical trials.

Most products are very similar to others and use cheap chemicals as ingredients which are not healthy for your skin. Substances like parabens, petrolatum, alcohol, mineral oil and others are highly used in creams and cause side effects like irritation, inflammation and dryness, especially on sensitive skin.

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Also those products only work on the surface of the skin for a quick short term solution that does not last, you should be very careful with what you buy and use only creams that have been clinically proven to produce positive results.

The good Anti aging creams
The good news is that there are creams that can do wonders for your skin, but most of those are made in Europe. New Zealand is a leading country in skin care technology they have developed a new breakthrough compound called CynergyTk that contain functional keratin and has been proven to produce new collagen and elastin in the skin by stimulating your cells.

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CynergyTk, CoenzymeQ10, Wakame kelp are some of the best natural compounds that are safe to use and can really eliminate wrinkles and facial lines. There are other organic ingredients that have powerful anti aging properties like jojoba oil, avocado extract, vitamin c, manuka honey, etc.
Its time that you make a real change and improve your skin, take a natural approach and use only the best creams, avoid synthetic substances and treat your skin with care, don’t get too much sun exposure and avoid smoking. If you want to really eliminate wrinkles then follow the link below.


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