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The Best Time To Get Pregnant How To Find The Perfect Time To Conceive A Baby

“It is often said that timing is one of the most important thing to do or take note of when a lady or a couple are trying to get pregnant. Sure, and without any doubt, there are many more things a woman can do so as to increase their chances of conceiving, such as taking natural remedies, trying out herbs that can improve fertility and even taking fertility drugs. However, all these efforts will be lost or go to waste if you do not do your timing right.
What is The Best Time To Get Pregnant?

The best time to get pregnant is during the female’s ovulation period. This is when the egg cell is freshly released in the ovary and is ready to receive the male sperm. This event usually happens days before menstruation starts. According to the calendar method, a woman should count back up to 16 days before her cycle starts and this would be the day that the chances of conceiving is likely. However, this can only be true for females with regular cycles since they can predict exactly when their period starts.

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For females whose menstruation cycle differs from month to month, the best time to get pregnant may be determined via an ovulation kit. This product is currently sold in the market and accurately predicts when a woman is at her fertility peak. Online calculators are also available for free and may be used for the same purpose.

Looking out for signs of ovulation is also a good way to find out when the best time to get pregnant is. One good sign for this is the vaginal discharge which should be colored white and creamy tro the touch during ovulation.
With proper timing, couples can get pregnant with just one try.

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Of course, this may not always be the case which makes it necessary to have frequent intercourse even before ovulation starts. This way, all possibilities are covered and the chances of conceiving escalate. Other factors that may affect conception include age, lifestyle and vices. Keep in mind that any fertility pills should be taken at the advice of a doctor.”


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