The Advantages Of 4D Ultrasounds

“Healthcare technology has revolutionized maternal care over the past few decades. In industrial parts of the world, complications from birth are at an all-time low. One of the newest technologies available to mothers is the 4D ultrasound.

Understanding Traditional 2D and 3D Ultrasounds
Ultrasounds have been in existence for almost 60 years. After the invention of sonar, medical researchers discovered that this same technology could be used for imaging. As a safer alternative to x-rays, 2D ultrasounds were quickly adapted for a variety of uses. In addition to imaging fetuses, 2D ultrasounds were used to determine bone marrow density, lung function and other health conditions.

2D ultrasounds were often very difficult for doctors to interpret. Since a 2D image of a 3D system can only provide limited detail, it was very difficult for doctors to see certain types of potential health issues.

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The Rise of 3D Ultrasounds
3D ultrasounds could provide detailed images of an unborn baby. While early ultrasounds could determine very obvious problems with a fetus, they could not be used to determine subtle problems. With a 3D ultrasound, it’s possible for doctors to see even more detail about an unborn child.

However, many 3D ultrasounds had a significant delay between the scan time and the render time. In many cases, it could take up to several minutes to see a 3D image of a child. Since the ultrasound system had to render images from several different dimensional planes, it could not be used for real-time results.

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The Advantages of 4D Ultrasounds
4D ultrasounds offer several significant advantages over earlier 3D ultrasounds. With a 4D ultrasound, it’s possible to see 3D images in real-time. Unlike earlier 3D ultrasound systems, there is no lag time between scanning a patient and seeing a 3D rendering on a screen.

A real-time 4D ultrasound can be a valuable tool for many healthcare providers and patients. During a pregnancy, for example, a doctor can determine if a fetus has any mechanical and physiological problems that are related to movement. This can include movement patterns, head jerks, kicking and more.

In addition to improved imaging, a 4D ultrasound can be a valuable tool during a live birth or a c-section. With 4D imaging, it’s possible for a surgeon or other doctor to determine a baby’s orientation before the birth operation. This can help ensure a safer, faster and lower-risk procedure for both mother and child.”


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