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Surrogate Motherhood- a Great Option For Infertile Couples

“Surrogate motherhood or mothering by proxy is a great option for couples who are experiencing difficulty in successfully conceiving a child. Surrogate parenthood offers couples the chance to have a child genetically related to one or both parents in spite of health concerns and restrictions. Surrogate parenthood offers couples struggling with conception issues fresh hope of having a baby that carries their own specific genetic qualities.

What Do You Mean By Surrogacy Or Surrogate Motherhood?
Surrogacy is a well-established alternative to adoption for couples who have difficulty conceiving children. Surrogacy can be of two types: traditional and gestational. In both types of surrogate parenthood, healthy female volunteers act as surrogate mothers, donating their wombs, and, in the case of traditional surrogacy, their ova, for carrying a couple’s child to term. Once the baby is delivered, it is handed over to the intended parents and the surrogate mother loses any legal right to the child.

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Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy
Traditional surrogacy involves the surrogate mother being artificially inseminated with the intended father’s sperm. In this type of surrogacy, the surrogate mother is both the child’s genetic parent as well as the gestational mother. Interestingly, history gives several instances of couples resorting to surrogacy in an effort to have a child genetically related to the father. The prevalence and acceptance of traditional surrogacy option in ancient times is best illustrated by the story of Abraham and Sarah from the book of Genesis. The couple, who had to struggle with Sarah’s difficulty in conceiving for decades, decides to engage Sarah’s maid Hagar to conceive a child of Abraham’s seed. Biblical references aside, traditional surrogacy based on artificial insemination has been in vogue in the United States since the 1970s.

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Gestational surrogacy is a better option in cases where the intended mother has no difficulty producing fertile ova, though health issues prevent her from carrying it to term. In this surrogacy method, the healthy sperm and ova are taken from the intended parents and subjected to in vitro fertilization, before the fertilized ovum is implanted into the surrogate mother’s womb.

Both types of surrogacy arrangements tend to require extensive counseling and legal arrangements, both for the intended parents as well as the surrogate mother. It is essential that couples who wish to explore this route contact one of the several, licensed surrogacy agencies in the country before proceeding with their arrangements.
Contact a certified surrogacy agency today to know more about surrogate motherhood.”


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