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Suppress Breast Cancer Cell Growth With Cauliflowers

“Every woman is aware of the danger when diagnosed with breast cancer. Plenty of reminders about this disease are found in doctors’ waiting rooms, hospitals and health journals. The best advice of course is to have a regular check up and particularly so if you have a family history with breast cancer.

But many women would like to know if there is something they can do to reduce their risk of being diagnosed. And the answer is there are many things every woman can do involving the usual things of maintaining a healthy weight, eating well and avoiding a stressful lifestyle. But in simple terms, recent studies have shown that a specific vegetable can play an important role in reducing a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. The answer is the humble cauliflower.

The cauliflower comes from the cabbage family and its ‘cousins’ include brussels sprouts and broccoli. University studies have discovered that this popular vegetable has compounds which can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Women diagnosed with breast cancer may well receive drugs as in chemotherapy. The aim is to kill cancerous cells. The cauliflower studies have shown that the chemical compounds found in the vegetable can themselves act as an inhibitor of cell development. This means that dangerous cells are slowed in their growth and even killed when sufficient amounts of the cauliflower compounds have been used.

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This could be good news on two fronts. One, if the studies are correct then women can take action themselves to help reduce their breast cancer risk. And two, the ‘medicine’ is freely available and cheap. Better still the scientists found that the compounds work regardless of which type of cauliflower they used. There are many varieties of the vegetable and every one is suitable as a cancer risk reducing agent.

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News of these scientific rests has meant drug manufacturers have become busy in developing an extract which they claim contains the cauliflower chemical compounds. Women should know that natural treatments are always superior to synthetic treatments. That is not to say that supplements do not have value but eating fresh fruit and vegetables, and in this case fresh cauliflower, is definitely the preferred method of reducing the risk of breast cancer.

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The other important factor to mention is the amount and timing of your fresh vegetables consumption. Regular serves are the best way to maintain a risk reduction strategy. The nutrition experts recommend two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables every day. That’s a minimum recommendation. And now that the scientists have come with their cauliflower results, women [and men too of course] should make sure that this humble vegetable is a part of their regular diet. The studies showed that the greater the concentration of cauliflower compounds, the greater the inhibition of cell growth and the greater the death of cells. In this case, more is better.

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Being able to take some positive steps in protecting your health is so important. When reliable scientific studies point to definite results from the compounds found in all varieties of the cauliflower, it’s a natural and easy step to make sure this vegetable and its ‘cousins’ are a regular part of your diet. Your family will benefit as well so it’s a definite win win situation.”


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