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Superhero’s Girlfriend Wants Plastic Surgery

Superhero’s Girlfriend Wants Plastic Surgery

Liv Tyler’s back in action folks, and this time she’s a super-girlfriend with a mind of her own!

For a kid with braces to an ethereal elf in Lord of the Rings to a super hero’s girlfriend in the upcoming comic book flick The Incredible Hulk, Liv Tyler has achieved quite a lot. Not very many of her movies have been that much of a hit, but in the select few that have been, she has established a name for herself.


She recently appeared on the red carpet for a screening of Iron Man and looked resplendent in a sequined Stella McCartney number. Straightened hair and bangs complimented a mature style instead of the waif-ish look she has been championing all these years.

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For a woman who is part of the acclaimed elite of Hollywood actresses, Liv has never resorted to any plastic surgery. She could have had a breast augmentation surgery at los angeles to add volume to her breasts, but seems to have foregone it since her bustline looks the same.

She is small-breasted no doubt, but somehow a breast augmentation wouldn’t look all that great on her. When I look at her, I always get the feeling that her curves blend in with one another.

But she just might go ahead and have a cosmetic surgery procedure (she doesn’t say which one) since she dint quite like what happened to her body after she gave birth to her son Milo. Whatever she decides, I hope she gets a good plastic surgeon; it would be a pity to see such beauty botched due to bad plastic surgery practices.

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