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Stem Therapy An Important Part of Pre Born Education For Every Expecting Mother

“Stem therapy helps in curing many fatal diseases. It finds application in treating rare kind of cancers. It has also found application in treating blood disorders such as Severe Anemia, Leukemia, and Red Cell (Erythrocyte). Stem therapy is still in its infancy. Research work is being done in leading medical institutes to find more potential applications of stem therapy.

In India research carried out at various major hospital and research centers applications has shown that stem cell can also help patients suffering from paralysis and other neurological disorders. Stem cell finds many applications. Apart from the research work, emphasis is being given on spreading awareness among the masses about spreading stem cell research.

Bone marrow and baby cord (umbilical) are two sources of stem cell. Procuring stem cells from bone marrow is not always easy. It is costly and length process. In addition, the donor has to go to a lot of inconvenience. Umbilical cord offers an easy source from which stem cells can be harvested.

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The cord connects the fetus from the womb. Baby cord serves as a channel through which the baby gets nourishment and oxygenated blood. It is severed from the body of the newborn as it is deemed useless. But with stem cell therapy finally talking off, the cord has become a valuable asset. It has become easy to procure the stem cells through established medical procedures. Interested customers can ask stem cell banking providers to send their technicians at the site of delivery to collect the sample. This makes it very easy for the customers to avail the cord storage facility. At present, one of the major problems in India is that there is lack of awareness among the people among the stem therapy.

If women especially during pregnancy are made more aware, it will surely help them to understand the usefulness of baby cord. Through Pre-born education among the ladies and with the involvement of social groups, the level of awareness about stem therapy among women during Pregnancy can be increased. Government of India is also planning to include information about stem therapy among useful Pregnancy Tips.

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The population of India is more than one billion. Even if 1% of people are educated and informed about the potential of stem therapy in curing life threatening diseases, that will mean a significant achievement in bring the awareness up to the level from where it can become easy to spread among the rest of the masses. People are under a misconception that stem cell therapy is costly.

It is costly at present but with newer technologies, it will become affordable to the large part of the masses. Insurance companies are also thinking it to include stem therapy in their protection cover. Everyone will be able to avail the benefits of the stem therapy if this happens. The joy of motherhood can be realized only when you have secure your child’s future. With right step and proper Pregnancy Tips, you can easily ensure this. The need of the hour is proper Pre-born education. Make sure that you enjoy a carefree Motherhood by knowing more about stem therapy.”


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