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Staying Healthy After Cosmetic Surgery

Staying Healthy After Cosmetic Surgery

Nothing happens overnight, and the same rule applies to cosmetic surgery. It takes a while for the patients to see the results, and before everything settles, they have to take a good care of themselves. Therefore, the most successful approach to maintaining your new look is to uphold your health – nutrition plans, regular exercise, and skincare management all contribute to a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Most patients are required to stay home for weeks after the procedure, and this might cause emotional problems. Stress, boredom and other negative feelings might cause them to find a release. Women tend to release their emotional energy through comforting food and their eating habits may change. Cravings for sugary or salty food are common, but they should be handled in a smart way. Salt makes the body retain water and too much salt intake can cause the patients to swell up.

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Rigorous exercise should be avoided but once the healing period is over, it is important to incorporate exercise back in their life. However, it is also important to take it slow and listen to the body’s complaints. You should only exercise when your body is ready.

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Patients with bruises do not need to hide in the shadow until they have perfectly healed. They can use the Three C’s camouflage make-up to serve many purposes, depending on personal situation.

– Contour to hide the swelling
– Concealing bruises and lines from incisions
– Color correction to tone down skin that appears red (such as after a chemical peel) or yellow (from that bruise that’s healing)

Remember to notice how ready you are for the make-up. Do not start too soon after surgery because camouflage cosmetics can cause problems if applied too soon. It is best to consult your doctor on what type of cosmetics to use and when you can start applying them. If you have incisions, you will have to wait until your stitches are removed and the wound heals before you can start using this make-up. It is even more important to cleanse your skin daily. Be sure to properly cleanse your face, removing all traces of any make-up.

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The most important thing during recovery time is rest. However, this does not mean patients should just lie in bed all day all night. In general, patients seem to recover faster when they resume light activity soon after surgery. Not only will this help to prevent blood clots in the leg, but it also stimulates the general circulation and enhances recovery. Patients who have facial surgery should attempt to keep their head elevated as much as possible, and may find it helpful to sleep sitting in a recliner for the first few nights. The use of cold packs might assist in reducing swellings as well.

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Last but not least, you should make sure you can reach your doctor in case of emergency. If there is something potentially harmful or serious, do not hesitate to call your doctor up and ask.


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