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Southend IVF and Fertility – Gifting Parenthood

Southend IVF and Fertility – Gifting Parenthood

There are many such success stories of Southend IVF and Fertility Center, and the center is moving forward while gifting the delight of parenthood to many. The clinic has been fulfilling the expectations of their patients with the help of its experienced doctors including Dr. Sonia Malik who has been working in this field for more than twenty years. Being one of the best IVF clinics in Delhi, Southend’s successful endeavors are the result of Dr. Malik and her team’s dedication and commitment towards IVF patients.

Southend is continuously expanding its horizons, since it was established in 2001 and has made hundreds of people proud parents. It’s a specialized fertility treatment clinic offering all the fertility treatments accompanied with latest technologies in a very transparent system. Right from Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), IUI, Embryo Cryopreservation to IVF surrogacy, The clinic ensures that every treatment is carried out with all safety precautions and after going deep into the issue a patient is facing. Apart from that, Southend offers fertility options to their overseas patients as well. Their gamete donors are tested as per international standards making their overseas program very successful and acceptable to their international clients.

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Currently, Southend has two clinics in Delhi NCR -The Holy Angel Hospital at Vasant Vihar and another is Max Hospital, Sushant Lok. Both the centers have experienced IVF doctors serving patients with specialized treatments according to their respective needs. The best thing about Southend is they provide appropriate reasons after fertility tests and continuously try to serve patients with the best fertility medical services. The centers have their own IVF laboratory, so the patient doesn’t need to go anywhere else for Fertility tests. Apart from the treatments of Women’s fertility issues, Southend carries out treatments related to male fertility as well, making the clinic a complete parenthood center. We often face a stereotype that infertility is only related to women but according to a survey around 19 % men also faces infertility problems and go for an infertility diagnosis. Southend has all the answers because of their tremendous expertise in treating infertility and is in itself a step towards ensuring that everyone with a desire to have a baby, is successful.. With Southend the techniques they use in treatment, IVF has become a credible option altogether.

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The treatments at Southend IVF and Fertility are extremely reasonable and low cost as compared to other clinics and doctors’ make it a point to educate patients about the possible complications and benefits of the treatment before starting with it. In addition, they make sure that patients feel comfortable and at ease while they are getting treated. The clinic boasts of academic and ethical medical practices that further help couples making one of the most crucial decisions of their lives.

Their philosophy lies in their deep analysis of a patient’s problem and then providing with the best possible solution. Southend has always ensured that every couple experiences the delight of parenthood making the clinic the best fertility treatment centers in Delhi NCR.Southend is further establishing itself as an premium infertility management center with many more success stories.


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