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Some Questions And Answers About Baby Gender Selection:

“If you are like most people, there are questions floating around in your brain about this subject. You might even have some religious or moral residual thoughts making you wonder if you should try to dictate the gender of your baby to begin with. Am I right?

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I have found that the only way to make true decisions is to study and learn the subject of question so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not baby gender selection is right for you. So, let’s learn a little more about the subject!

1) What is baby gender selection? – It is the process, either preconception (using natural methods like timing of female production and/or body PH balance to increase the odds for one gender or the other) or preimplantion (usually involves outside medical involvement to manipulate sperm count for the gender or the other to increase the odds) in which you pro actively attempt to create a preferred gender for a baby.

2) What is the difference between preconception and preimplantion? – Preconception is also referred to as “”natural baby gender selection”” and involves some work from the couple on timing and understanding the body’s natural methods to produce a baby of a certain gender. On the other hand, preimplantion is more a medical procedure that, sans conception (without sex), uses methods and instruments to sort sperm, use artificial insemination, use methods of in vitro fertilization, or possibly medications to produce a baby of a certain gender.

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3) Which is more effective? ? Most couples who had used baby gender selection over the years have shown that the natural (preconception) method has a higher percentage of success rates for baby gender selection. I do not know of any conclusive studies proven one way or the other.

4) Is one safer than the other? – No studies have been either made or conclusive on the subject of safety as the only subject, as far as I am aware of. But, common sense dictates that doing something naturally (as the body normally functions) would appear to be safer than doing something that introduces a foreign substance (medicines, chemicals) or foreign sorting method to the body’s natural function. It is only my opinion, but it just makes sense to me that if I can push a pressure point to rid myself of a head ache, that it would be better for me overall than using a chemical (aspirin or acetaminophen) to block neural pain transmissions without alleviating the actual pain. I would not view baby gender selection any different, it would seem to me the less foreign material introduced to the body, the better for the body, as well as less likely to affect the fertilization, makeup of the baby.

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5) Is one more expensive? – Absolutely. With doctors, clinics, and medical procedures there are always costs, usually fairly high ones. Fees may start as low as $250, and go into the thousands of dollars for preimplantion methods. And most insurance will not cover any of the costs (it is considered “”elective”” and therefore not medically needed or supported). The natural preconception methods usually cost under $100 to get all the information, supplies, and other things you may need to succeed.

6) How long does it take? -You should get your information gathered for either method about 12 weeks before the first menstrual cycle you are thinking about conceiving your baby. Although most experts say the sooner the better, because it gives you the most time to get a thorough understanding of the method you chose.

7) Is it ethical? – Honestly, only YOU can answer this question for yourself. Most people will not take a stand either way unless they are zealots one way or the other. The real truth is that You have to make that decision. There are several arguments for either direction. Really, if one wanted to, they could provide arguments to sway somebody either way. But ultimately, again that decision is yours and yours alone. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine () (a group creating ethical guidelines for clinics specializing in fertilization) believes a person has the right to choose their baby’s gender. While the Center for Genetics and Society, (an organization that works with genetic engineering technology) believes baby gender selection is ethically and socially unjustifiable.

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It all comes down to you and your family’s beliefs. What is right or wrong for you is a personal choice. And like religion itself, I believe you should only go with what is comfortable for you, or what you feel in your heart is right.

I hope that this helped you stir some questions up in your mind.

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Thank you for reading. Here is to your good fortune whatever your decision is.”


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