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Skin Tightening Methods and Ways

Skin Tightening Methods and Ways

Wrinkles and fine lines are always part in the process of aging. However, there are also factors that would make us acquire these skin problems. Other than aging, free radicals contribute to the sagging and loosening of the skin. These free radicals such as dust, smoke and the ultra violet rays of the sun tends to penetrate the skin and will damage it. But with the technology today it is easy to cure or even prevent wrinkles and fine lines. There are skin care products and surgical methods that would aid us in tightening our skin.

Knowing these methods we end up asking what is the best skin tightener? Will it be the surgical procedure or the skin care products? These two methods quite differ from each other. They differ in everything, from price to result of the treatment process.

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Surgical procedures are expected to give fast and good results. However, it is very costly and may induce a lot of pain. Surgical facelift which definitely eliminates wrinkles needs an ample amount of time to be spent in a hospital. Also this cost around a thousand dollars.

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A method which is not surgical but requires the supervision of a trained professional is botox, this basically tightens the skin. Botox is a procedure where a purified protein is injected in a loosened skin that needs tightening. However, the treatment effects only take three to six months and needs follow up procedure which somehow gives a longer effect than the first one. Botox is also quite costly and may give out side effects and pain.

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The most safe and affordable methods to tighten the skin is by using skin care products which has ingredients which would aid the skin in rejuvenating it to a youthful look. There are lots of different ingredients that would compose a skin tightening cream or skin care.

One of the most recent ingredient that have been discovered is Cynergy TK. Cynergy TK promotes cell growth in collagen and protein fibers that would help the skin repair loosened skin Aside from bringing back the youthful skin, this ingredient is very effective in warding off free radicals that are going to damage every inch of the skin and its cells.

Skin tightening is just an easy task for today. If you want fast results, you may want to opt for surgical procedure. However, for painless and longer results, discipline and perseverance is a need in treating wrinkles and fine lines by using skin care treatments.


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