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Secrets of Japanese Skin Care They Hope You Never Read

Secrets of Japanese Skin Care They Hope You Never Read

Japanese people have some of the nicest skin in the world. Many people want to know what the secret to Japanese skin care really is, so they can have great skin as well. There are some general principles that can be followed that have enabled the Japanese to have beautiful skin.

For instance they love to eat seafood which is very high in omega 3 fatty acids which help keep the skin healthy. They also meditate and practice yoga both of which calm the body down so that you can generate a positive flow of energy.

Another little known fact is from the waters of Japan grows a special sea kelp. This kelp is often served in Japanese dishes and eaten as food, but there are also certain beneficial properties to your skin that were discovered. So they conducted more studies and were able to extract a higher potency called phytessence wakame. This extract has special properties that haven’t been seen before and when applied to skincare products produced dramatic results.

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Some of the benefits that had been shown from phytessence wakame are:

1)  Antioxidant properties that were able to counter the effects of free radicals, thus minimizing the damage and limiting the aging of skin cells.

2)Studies conducted showed that phytessence wakame contained an active ingredient called sulfated polyfocose. This active ingredient helped form a protective barrier against the damages caused by the suns UV rays as well as toxins that have been found in the environment.

3) Last but not least phytessence wakame blocked hyaluronic acid from breaking down. Since they were able to stop the acid from breaking down with this natural substance, this increased the levels of hyaluronic acid to a twenty year old, thus reversing the aging process.

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This has the effect of keeping the skin smoother, retaining more moisture, and giving the skin more elasticity.This little known secret of Japanese skincare is now finally available here in the United States and Canada thanks to the marvels of the internet.

For more information of phytessence wakame and several other natural substances that I have identified through my extensive study on natural substances to reduce or retard the aging of our skin, visit my website below.


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