Requirements for Egg Donations in Kansas City

“If you are looking to donate your eggs to help someone get pregnant, this is a very noble thing for you to be doing. There are thousands of people in the Kansas city area that are having trouble getting pregnant on their own and will require the use of a donor egg in order for them to get pregnant. Egg donations in Kansas City are crucial for helping mothers who cannot get pregnant on their own and good donors are always needed. If you plan to donate your eggs for fertility treatments of other women, there are a few things that you should no ahead of time.

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There are many standards that fertility clinics have for the donor eggs that they collect. Of course, they want the healthiest eggs possible. This means that the healthiest mother possible is always preferable. Therefore, you will be asked many questions about your overall health before you are allowed to donate. Some of the health questions that you may be asked include:

  1. Have you ever been diagnosed with an STD?
  2. Do you have any history of specific types of diseases?
  3. Have you ever been a smoker?
  4. Have you ever used drugs?
  5. What is the Medical history of your immediate family members?
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These questions are not at all a matter of a fertility clinic delving into your personal life. This is just to ensure that your eggs are as healthy as possible before you are allowed to donate. Furthermore, your family’s medical history is vital information for anyone who may be considering the use of your eggs for their pregnancy.

Your age will be another big factor in if you are allowed to donate your eggs for fertility treatments or not. In most cases, fertility specialists want eggs from women who are at the age to be producing their most fertile and healthy eggs. This age group is usually found in women between the ages of 21 and 32. There can be exceptions made in some cases, depending on your overall health and possibly how old you were when you started your menstrual cycle.

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The last factor to keep in mind when you are planning to donate your eggs for fertility purposes is that you cannot be a smoker. Smoking can directly impact your egg production and fertility. Therefore, egg donations in Kansas City will not usually be taken from anyone who smokes or uses tobacco.”


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