Relationships – How to Know When it is Over

Relationships – How to Know When it is Over

Break ups are not an easy topic especially for couples who have been together for a couple of years. Everyone hates goodbyes. Every relationship starts wonderfully. Couples are head over heels in love with each other, make promises that they would never leave each other and some lead to a good and happy marriage. As time goes by, the sweetness to each other cools off and some problems arise that give the couple reasons to separate. How would they know that the relationship is over? This is usually the question that keeps bothering everyone.

So how do you really know when it is over? One obvious sign is the fact that the other person seems to bother you a lot. Everything that he or she tries to do does not pleases you at all. You don’t want to see that person anymore. These are the basic feelings of a person that does not wish to pursue the relationship any longer. Once a relationship is on the verge of breaking up, people involved are usually bored with each other.

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There are several other signs that indicate that the relationship might be over.
One of the signs is that even if he or she is physically there, mentally the person is in another place. A place where he or she can spend some nice time with the person they want. If your partner used to have a smiling face but now he or she is always mad and you don’t know what the reason is, you might as well know that something is definitely wrong. For some guys, saying goodbye is very hard that is why giving distance and making the situation worse is their way of saying “the relationship has already ended so goodbye”.

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Another sign that the relationship is over is when couples stop respecting each other. Aside from the love that has gone, the respect for their partners has also gone. You will know that the relationship is over when most of the time people involved quarrel, shouting and cursing each other.

Sex is very important especially for married couples. It is somewhat their proof that they still love each other. What if your partner doesn’t desire you anymore, this probably means something. Do you remember when the last time that you kissed each other passionately was? If you can’t remember maybe it is right time to kiss your partner goodbye.

You need to realize that although you may have these signs in your relationship, you don’t have to give up. Maybe it is time to step back and take a good look at where you have been and what has caused these issues to come up. If you both feel your relationship still has potential, you can identify problem areas and work on them. However, if there is no chance it will work then maybe it is time to go your separate ways.


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