Pregnant Woman Myths And Superstitions

“Every culture has myths about pregnancy and childbirth, mainly I think because it is such a mysterious and miraculous event. The truth is that pregnancy is also a very stressful time with all the exciting new changes happening. Her are some of the well known pregnant woman myths:

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If a pregnant woman is mad at someone, her baby will end up looking like the person she’s mad at.

Allowing a rat or a weasel to leap over a pregnant woman’s belly will cause a birthmark.

A pregnant woman frightened by a bird will have a child born with a wing.

If a pregnant woman gazes at the moon, her child will be born with mental problems.

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If she drinks from a cracked cup, the child will have a hare lip.

It is considered bad luck to talk about the baby before its birth because this invites the interference of fairies who may want to harm the baby.

To ensure a healthy baby, it is best to conceive at midday, and to promote its intelligence a pregnant woman should read as much as possible.

Supposedly, if you have heartburn a lot, your baby will be born with a lot of hair.

If you eat with a pregnant woman you get a headache, or you become lazy, or sleepy.

You can’t make fun or criticize other people lest it comes back on your baby.

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If your pregnant wife leans or walks over you, you’ll feel what she feels ? nausea and headaches.

There’s superstition that says that if you bear a redheaded child, there was a pig or goat under the bed when you conceived. Once upon a time, red hair was seen as a sign of a witch, or someone with magical powers. The ancient Celts had a “”hymn”” to Bridget, the fire goddess, that began, “”I am a fire in the head”” – which supposedly refers to red hair.

I personally don’t believe in any of these, and I just dismiss them as coincidence when it actually happens. I wonder how many people believe in these things these days.”


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