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Pregnancy And Children – The Basics In Pregnancy

“If your home test for pregnancy turns little pink then your first and foremost work is to get an appointment from your family doctor, to get a confirmation of your pregnancy. If you are lucky enough you may get the appointment of your doctor in the same day itself, otherwise you may have to wait for some weeks to meet your doctor. Meanwhile, it is better for you to keep waiting and do nothing, and after your consultancy you could expect from your doctor a phone call wishing you for your new pregnancy.

The next step after the confirmation of your pregnancy is to get an appointment from your gynecologist or an experienced midwife, as soon as possible. At your first visit, you will be asked lots of questions relating to the medical and also about your family history, for instance they will ask you about your previous pregnancy, about your illnesses, if any and also about your family situations etc. If you are prepared in advance about these questions then your meeting will be more constructive.

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It is necessary to prepare for your meeting with the doctor; it will be nice if you write the questions that you wish to ask your doctor in advance, so that you may not miss any thing that you want to clear with your doctor. It is also important to read carefully all the information given in the pamphlets, which is given to you at the time of your leave from the doctor?s office. Before you could come out your doctor will give you the appointment for the next checkup, moreover, they will give you the list of books that could be got from the native library. These books will help you to know what will happen next, till the time of delivery.

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Without fail, you must start taking the prescribed vitamins tablets and it is very important all through your pregnancy, and your doctor will give the conditions if any for taking the vitamin tablets. If you are allergenic to take the particular tablets then they will give you the alternative. Right in the twentieth month you are made the preliminary ultrasound test and in which you will be able to find the baby?s sex, of course if you like to know, and some doctors may ask you to undergo this test much before the 20th week, to take the precautionary step, where they will be able to see whether the baby is in its exact position inside your uterus and to confirm whether the pregnancy will continue according to the plan. You may also be asked to take the glucose-tolerance examination to find out whether you are having the gestational diabetes, or having the risk of getting the diabetes.

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Your appointment with the doctor will be once in four weeks and after the reach of 36 weeks you must have the appointment, once in every week till the date of the delivery. This will help you to reduce your anxiety regarding the carrying of a baby.”


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