Pick-Up 101 – Why You Should Start Approaching Beautiful Women During the Day

Pick-Up 101 – Why You Should Start Approaching Beautiful Women During the Day – Every single man has experienced, more or less something along the lines of seeing a beautiful woman whether it be at the local library or the supermarket down the road, wishing that they had the testicle fortitude to approach them, only to rationalize themselves out of speaking with them, because the setting wasn’t optimal or ideal. So I ask you now? What setting would be the most ideal for you to approach an attractive, beautiful woman? Many of you would probably say a night club or a party, or somewhere more social where people are in more of a social and talkative mood. However, if you truly think about it, the advantages of attempting to pick up a woman during the day in many ways do outweigh the “perceived” disadvantages such as her not expecting to be approached.

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If you have ever  a beautiful woman at a club, you would be familiar with something known as the bitch shield, which is kind of learned mechanism for women to weed out the men from the boys. As casually as you do approach during the night, she’ll make some smart arse comment to test your manhood and your confidence, perhaps something like “Why are you speaking to us?” Again, it is not something that is inherently personal, it is just a test to see how manly you are, for lack of a better phrase. She doesn’t plan on having sex and handing her number t every guy that just happens to approach.

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However, during the day time pick-up, women’s natural bitch shields and defenses are virtually non-existent because they don’t expect, so in that regard it is a lot easier to approach a woman with a better success rate, if you had done the same approach to the same girl at night. The lowered bitch shield, just another reason as to why you should approach a woman during the day.

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