Oxycontin Use During Pregnancy

“Oxycontin serves as a potent opioid pain relief medication containing the key ingredient Oxycodone. It chiefly falls under a class of medicines named as narcotic analgesics. Oxycontin assists to give respite from continuous pain, which could be moderate to intense.

Prior to using Oxycontin, you need to reveal to the healthcare professional if you are troubled with any of the medical conditions mentioned below, to confirm healthy usage:
Oxycontin pills could be bought from the nearby drug store. This drug has to be taken as per the medical expert’s treatment program. Ingest the tablet entirely, having a glass of normal water. Some undesirable symptoms like dry mouth, fatigue, headache, nausea or constipation might be experienced in the beginning of therapy. Nonetheless, such side effects are short-term and go away gradually.

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Ensure that you consume adequate amount of fluids if you use Oxycontin, which can aid in avoiding constipation. Furthermore, talk to the family doctor regarding ways of increasing fibre consumption in daily meals.
Never consume surplus amounts of Oxycontin since it could give rise to an overdose that can be life-threatening.

Also, don’t stop treatment suddenly otherwise you may undergo unpleasant withdrawal signs. Periodic appointments with the doctor are crucial to keep track of progress.
Oxycontin Use During Pregnancy:”


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