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Online Internet Business Ideas: Part 1

Online Internet business ideas are a lot like young guys wearing baggy pants. That is, you’ll see examples of both all over. Personally, I hope these dudes will eventually pull up their trousers. But I’m more interested in practical online and Internet business ideas. I assume you feel likewise or you wouldn’t be reading this…

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Content fuels most Internet businesses. It’s quite common for people of an entrepreneur mindset to not have the patience to write interesting content about the products and services of their different niche businesses. Their solution is to buy themed content to use on their sites. The demand for well written web content has never been greater than it is today.

Perhaps you don’t consider yourself a writer. No problem. Become a ‘reporter’ instead.

Here’s how: The buyer will give you a subject to write about. You simply plug the subject into a search engine and gather information about it. Then you assemble a ‘report’ containing the number of words you were asked for.

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Tip: Save your research into a text file for writing projects you may get later.

As a freelancer, you could get your own gigs by searching your favorite search engine for businesses looking for content/writers. If you’re shy about going out on your own, do a variation of the following. Until you build your writing resume, you could start out by getting jobs through an online service business offering writing services to other businesses. i.e. websites like . (again, find more writing service options with your favorite search engine).

Your Guide Your Styles article12-1-1-e1520072587674 Online Internet Business Ideas: Part 1 Business Ideas  Online Internet Business Ideas internet business ideas internet business content internet business

As a writer of Internet business content, you’re expected to use the buyer’s subject as your article’s keyword phrase. I’ve used this particular article as a model for keyword phrasing.

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The key phrase is the title. It’s also the first words of the first paragraph. The second paragraph has the phrase in a slightly different order and in different wording. To avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ I haven’t used them after the 2nd paragraph. (Search engines don’t like stuffing. Especially Google.)

I’ll use the keywords again in my closing. I’ve found this to be a pretty well-balanced formula for single page content SEO. Because of my writing experience, I didn’t really give keyword phrasing and usage any forethought. Yet, I would have checked it before I published. Just part of my writing checklist…

Gaining the writing skills needed to get paid is a matter of practicing a simple formula. The more you write, the better and the faster you’ll become.

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Writing will also get easier with regular uh, writing. Unfortunately, writing content for pay isn’t going to make you wealthy. On the other hand, it’s a practical and honest method for you to make a decent part-time income on the web.

In part 2 we’ll look at another online Internet business idea. Stay tuned for it…


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