Never Drive Your Man Away – Beware of Relationship Mistakes Women Make

Never Drive Your Man Away – Beware of Relationship Mistakes Women Make

Men can be a pain in the neck sometimes. They tend to forget dates, anniversaries and other important stuff. They can be so clueless and insensitive about their girlfriend’s or wife’s feelings. They tend to stay out late more often and never apologize the next day. They have a tendency to take their girlfriend or wife for granted. They don’t kiss and cuddle as they used to. They only give their partners flowers if they did something wrong. They just let the romance die down in their relationship. They usually say the wrong things at the wrong time, leaving their partner feeling worse than ever.

Women think men just don’t get them at all. That’s why they learned to be wily and cunning in dealing with their partner or lover. They have learned to concoct devious ways in disciplining their hard headed partner. This kind of approach is the common relationship mistake women make. There are so many reasons why women result to scheming plans in disciplining their men. One is they are already full of neglect and disappointment from their men, another is they want to control their stubborn husband or boyfriend, or they are just too lazy to communicate correctly. Women can be dangerous when they choose to be conniving and manipulative.

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Remember the famous story of Adam and Eve? Samson and Delilah? Anthony and Cleopatra? Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda? They said behind a successful man is woman, therefore it can also be said that behind the fall and failure of a man is a sly and devious woman. The same reason goes behind an unhappy man. For girls out there if you want to keep your husband and keep them happy beware of these relationship mistakes women make. Power playing, girls are more aware and observant about their partner, making them more conscious of their partner’s weaknesses. A devious woman would use this weakness against her man to get her way.

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Using this technique will only backfire. You may get your way but deep inside you husband’s heart and mind are pent up hatred for you. Beware of this because when the time comes you are vulnerable and weak you might never find your husband or lover in sight. Another relationship mistakes women make is emotional blackmail. This is also a form of power play. Women use this scheme by taking advantage of their husband’s emotions to get their way. An emotional blackmailer would usually trigger the other person’s guilt. This can only work for some time but in the longer run your lover will get tired of your blackmailing style.

Another relationship mistakes women make is depriving and withholding sex to control him. This can also backfire. A time will come he will lose interest and get sex somewhere else. Another relationship mistakes women make is making her husband jealous. Do this in maximum and the next day you might find your closet empty. Being spiteful to your husband is another relationship mistakes women make, if your man disappointed you, deal with it properly. Never nag and never talk ill behind his back. Men can be gullible and clueless sometimes, they may hurt you unintentionally or intentionally but don’t make matters worst.

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Resolve your problems and issues the right way through communicating and understanding, forgiving and persevering. This may not be the easiest way but this the right way. This may be the road less traveled but at least you are heading the right way.


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