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Natural Skin Care for Men: What It Takes To Look Younger, To Feel Healthier And Be Safe

Natural Skin Care for Men: What It Takes To Look Younger, To Feel Healthier And Be Safe

I finally convinced my husband that good health included looking after his outsides as well as his insides. And his outside needed some masculine skin care for men and men only. He needed to deal with the inflammation and redness, the wrinkles, and the sun damage.

Inflammation, redness and shaving all seem to go together. This has been a problem for forever. Some of the over the counter shaving gels have helped but they have also included parabens in their ingredients. And why are parabens so bad?

they penetrate the skin easily and end up in the bloodstream

they interfere with hormones by mimicking estrogen

they have been detected in breast cancer tissue

they increase skin aging with sun exposure

they have been linked to DNA damage

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they interfere with male reproduction

What we discovered was an all natural facial fluid that heals, hydrates and reverses the visible signs of aging. There are three all natural ingredients that work together to soothe, smooth and heal this condition.

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Witch Hazel – a traditional astringent that reduces redness in the skin and a natural

antioxidant that heals cracked or open abrasions on the skin

Babassu – a nut extract that forms an invisible layer to retain moisture and keep the

skin soothed, soft and velvety while keeping out dirt and grime

Capuacu Butter – a fruit extract that moisturizes and contains nutrients that ease

inflammation and refresh the complexion
The other things we had begun to notice were the lines around his eyes, sagging skin around his chin and the brown spots on his arms. Cutting edge science has produced three ingredients that deal with both the redness and the visible signs of aging.

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Xtend-TK is a protein that blocks the enzyme Prostaglandin E2 that produces inflammation. It also stimulates the skin to regrow collagen and elastin – the two major fibers of the skin.

Phytessence Wakame is a plant extract made from Japanese sea kelp. It stimulates the increased production of hyaluronic acid – the glue that binds collagen and elastin in the skin.

A hi-tech form of CoEnzyme Q10 called Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 gobbles up harmful free radicals and toxins from sun damage in all the seven layers of skin tissue.
This skin care for men actively reduced the redness, the fine lines on his face and the sagging around his chin. We both thought the results were dramatic.
Finally the serum contains D-Panthenol or vitamin B5. It helps repair skin tissue and moisturize. But most importantly it protects against sunburn and allows the skin to tan naturally. This benefits the whole body with the sunshine vitamin. And the best part is he only has to put it on once a day after the shower and the shave.


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