My Troubled Marriage – Is it My Fault?

My Troubled Marriage – Is it My Fault?

The blame game is easy to play in a troubled marriage. In most cases we look at our spouses and can count their faults one by one, even if they add up to 100. But it is a rare occasion when we take a look at ourselves, and acknowledge that we have also played a part in the demise of our marriage.

The first step in recovery is to acknowledge that we have a problem, or at the least admit we are a part of it. By the time we recognize that we have created some of the problems in our marriage, it is almost too late to save it. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Hind site is 20/20 and unfortunately is usually seen after the fact. But this does not have to your reality.

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Now do not be too hard on your self. I said admit that you have contributed to the issues, not take ALL the blame. However, it would not be wise to point out all of your spouses faults to them. They may not be in a place where, they are ready to accept that, they have caused some of the problems.
But if you want to save your relationship, you will have to step up and be the hero. You know it is not all your fault, and at this point the blame game is in overtime. You need a tie breaker, and you want to be on the winning team. Pass the ball Kobe, pass the ball.

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You can win without having to be right. With a few simple, loving, steps you can turn your troubled marriage into a happy and fulfilling one. You will be able to look at your spouse with love, and get those silly butterflies in your stomach once again. And more importantly your spouse will look at YOU with love in their eyes, and remember why they married you in the first place.


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