Maintain Your Relationship

Maintain Your Relationship

Do you think that you have a good solid relationship with your partner? When you are in a relationship you accept the good as well as the bad about your partner. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that the relationship you have with your partner will last.

Communication is a big component when it comes to relationships. If you do not communicate, you will cause confusion, stress, and misunderstandings within you relationship. Discuss and work out the plans of the next day the day before. If you need to balance the budget, balance it together. Try pillow talk. Before you go to bed at night talk about each others day. If you are feeling a certain way, then tell your partner how you feel. Don’t expect for your partner to always be able to read your mind.

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Look your best. When your partner comes home from work, are you still looking the same way you did when they left for work. Take pride in how you look for your partner. We get so comfortable with our relationships and have been together for so long that we figure we can look any kind of way. Do something different every now and then. Shave, cut your hair, color your hair, dress up, wear some make up. Even if you lay around all day, make sure you are looking good when your partner walks through that door.

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Spending quality time with each other is another thing that is going to keep you together. You and your partner should come up with a day and a time that is just for the two of you. We have way too many excuses for why we can’t find quality time for our relationships. When we want to watch television, surf the internet, or play video games, we seem to have all the time in the world. Sometimes we will stay up all night doing those things. We need to approach our relationships the same way.

Ask for help if you need it. To many of us try to be a superman or superwoman. We want our partner to think that we can do it all. The truth is that sometimes we can’t do it all. If you need your partner to watch the kids while you cook, then just ask. We would rather walk around the house mad at our partner and complaining about the things that we have to do. We had too much pride to ask our partner for help. When they ask us what’s wrong, we either snap at them or practice the silent treatment. If you need help, just ask for it.

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The best compliment you can give your partner is to acknowledge them. Just because your partner knows that you love them doesn’t mean that they don’t have to hear you say it. Try telling your partner when you appreciate them. Tell them how much something they said or did really meant to you. If the house is always clean when you get home, then say so. It doesn’t matter how small the compliment.

All that matters is that it is coming from you. Let’s not forget the please and thank you’s. It makes people feel good when you acknowledge them, because that means that you have been paying attention to them. That would make anyone feel loved!


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