Long Distance Relationships – Could This Be the New “Norm”?

Long Distance Relationships – Could This Be the New “Norm”?

I guess almost everyone has an opinion on long distance relationships. You either reside in the “they don’t work” camp, or there are others that will swear that they are the best relationships to be in. To bring it back to basics, they are essentially the same as any relationship. They require the same thing from both partners. But, what is it that makes them work or fail?

Trust and communication are paramount in any relationship. If you simply cannot talk to the person you are spending time with, well, sadly you have nothing. If you cannot fully trust each other then you will never have a meaningful relationship or be able to make it work. But when it comes to a long distance relationship these two factors are even more important to the success of the relationship. Because your are not physically there to witness and monitor behaviour, you have to trust what your partner is telling you, you have to rely on what they are saying or how they are behaving. The same is true for your partner also, of course. This is where the internet can be a tremendous help for those in long term relationships.

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We are spoilt for choice when it comes to different devices to aid in communicating on the internet. There is instant messaging, webcams, microphones, email and programs like SKYPE that keep relationships feeling as though the partners are spending physical time together. And lets face it, that is what will get the couple through the lack of physicality of a distance relationship. It is certainly a lot more achievable to maintain a relationship via great distance with the internet nowadays.

Long distance relationships have great potential in most circumstances. It is certainly not for everybody, but there are most definitely those that have rewarding and lovingly successful relationships despite the distance.


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