Ideas for First or Second Dates

Ideas for First or Second Dates

A first or second date can be very awkward when you are getting to know someone and aren’t quite sure of their preferences or opinions on certain things. To avoid a lot of first date awkwardness and any uncomfortable situations, you should keep the date nice and casual.

The dating scene is quite varied at present but with more people looking for more traditional values, it means that starting a relationship on the right foot is very important and etiquette plays a big role in this. Dating has become multi-cultural but sometimes these subtle differences between what is considered polite or appropriate in some cultures might not be in others, which can mean some couples will be less compatible and might not be suited to one another in the long run.

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A great option is to go out to eat but it is best to avoid an incredibly fancy restaurant, these meals are great but the restaurants can sometimes be too quiet and make people feel on the spot especially if it is an intimate venue. For example, an expensive meal can make the other person feel as if they have to dress in a certain way for the occasion, which they might not like to do and as you don’t yet know them as a person, it’s worth playing the casual card.

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The atmosphere in a upmarket restaurant could also be very conservative and uptight, which isn’t what you’re looking for on a first or second date. A popular food chain that makes great food is a great option, followed up by something that most people like to do, which can include going to the movies, going to a zoo or going out for drinks. You need to decide what will suit your date’s personality.

For an even more casual affair, you may want to go somewhere fun on your first few dates in order to break the ice with some laughter, this way you won’t have an awkward situation on your hands. An option is to go to a theme park, a regular park or to a movie, and then grab some food afterwards. This allows the two of you to relax and enjoy your meal, after having the chance to get to know one another a bit better.

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If your date likes sports you may also suggest going to play crazy golf or bowling as a before-meal activity. A good night out with someone is having fun, enjoying a conversation and getting to know the person. There are also various other options such as a karaoke night, a museum, a tourist attraction or a certain place that you particularly enjoy and would like to share.

Another option for a great first or second date are seasonal activities. In the fall you can go through a corn maze, haunted house, ghost walk or pumpkin patch. During the winter there are light tours and sleigh rides. Spring allows you to enjoy gardens and local parks, and in the summer you can have fun with boats, participate in other water activities or some other outdoor event. As long as you are both comfortable with whatever the activity is, you’ll have fun with each other.


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