How To Repair My Relationship With My Ex Boyfriend

How To Repair My Relationship With My Ex Boyfriend

Have you recently gone through a break up? Are you feeling hopeless and lost without him? Are you asking yourself over and over “how can I repair my relationship with my ex boyfriend?” If so here are a few tips on fixing a broken relationship that will most definitely increase your chances of getting the one you love back.

Often times a person who is desperate to get a lover back will do all the wrong things in all the wrong ways. One thing you should not do is come off as the needy ex girlfriend. This sort of behavior will almost always just push him further away and make it so much harder to fix your broken relationship.

Some types of behaviors such as, texting him, e-mailing him, or calling him several times a day are definite ways not to act when trying to repair your relationship. He will perceive this as desperation and attention seeking, which will not be very attractive in his eyes. This will in turn further push him away.

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So what can I do to repair my relationship with my ex boyfriend? Try this path I am laying out for you instead.

Start by giving your ex boyfriend space. Completely cut off all contact for the moment. This will be an extremely hard thing for you to do. But you must follow through! Take a step back and try to evaluate your own life. Try to come up with ways to improve all aspects of your personal life. This can get you back on the right track, which will help you become more emotionally sound and greatly improve your chances of success.

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During the non communication time between you and your ex boyfriend, you may find he has had a change in the way he is feeling. Once you are not pursuing him so heavily, he will begin to wonder what you are doing and how you are feeling. This will make him quite insecure in your feelings for him, and just might be the turn around you have been longing for.

Once you feel it is time to open the lines of communication again, let him make the first move. You should seem somewhat resistant at first. Playing a little hard to get will only fuel his desire to have you look and feel the loving way you used to towards him. You know what they say, “it’s the thrill of the chase.”

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If you will follow the path I have laid out, you have an enormously greater chance of repairing your broken relationship. Give him the opportunity to miss you! He will then also start remembering why he fell in love with you in the first place. Avoid the same mistakes by not smothering him and let the mystery in what your feeling take him over. This is the only way!


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