How To Reconnect With Your Child

How To Reconnect With Your Child

At times you might feel a bit distant from your child. He or she might seem to avoid you a bit and you don’t feel that you really have a relationship anymore. This can be hurtful and it does not have to be this way. Below we will discuss some things that you can do that will help you reconnect with your child.

Realize that being in the same space does not mean that you are connecting with each other. You might be in the same room and watching the same television show but are not actually connected to each other. This is a big problem. This is not connecting.

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Also realize that this is a process that can’t happen all at once. If you suddenly become overly interested in your child, he or she might feel like you are violating their privacy and pull back even further. It should be something that is done carefully and slowly.

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Do not ask your child question after question hoping that he or she will open up. This will only push your child away. You should just make statements about your day and talk about your life a bit. If the conversation does not go anywhere, don’t worry about it at this point in time.

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Apologize for things that you might have done wrong that your child is still holding onto. Sometimes this alone will help you have that connection again since they will feel that the grievance is over.
Try to get involved with some of your child’s hobbies.

Do not do everything at once. Some hobbies will be your child’s private ones that they do not want anyone in the family to be involved in. Some interests will be things that you both can share with each other.

Make sure this process is low stress and genuine. Your child will be able to read you if they feel you are fake. They will also avoid you if it is stressful at all.


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