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How To Prolong Productive And Fulfilling Lives For Women

How To Prolong Productive And Fulfilling Lives For Women

A Woman can logically expect to survive healthfully to an advanced age only within a stable, advanced, educated society in which random and directed violence is guarded against and largely eliminated. General measures of public health, including the presence of a safe and assured water and food supply, and protection from disease by vaccination and other means, must be in place. The environment should be free of debilitating levels of noxious agents.

If a woman is successful in her survival strategy, she will not succumb to communicable diseases, whether spread through the food chain, water supply, droplet infection (for respiratory Disease), or sexual transmission (for example Human Immunodeficiency virus: HIV; Human Papilloma Virus: HPV.)

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She will know her genetic background and her susceptibility to various inherited states (for example, the presence or absence of BRCA genes for breast and ovarian cancer). She will be vigilant and be checked for the early onset of such diseases. She will tend to be slim, but not too thin, and have an adequate intake of known nutrients, including protein and calcium.

She will exercise regularly, but will avoid excessive high impact workouts. She will refrain from substance abuse, the use of illicit drugs, smoking, and excessive alcohol. She will drive carefully and within the speed limit, wearing a seat belt.

When pregnant, she will seek competent prenatal care early and regularly, and will deliver where evidence shows she is most safe, and where her baby will have the best chance not only for survival, but for survival in optimal mental and physical condition.

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When a disease state inevitably enters her life (hopefully in much later life), she will quickly seek expert help, and in most cases go with evidence based treatment. She will make herself knowledgeable about possible alternatives, but not close her eyes to scientifically valid emerging techniques that may be applicable.

She will remember to always keep her mind inquiring and her body active. If she does all these things, and her parents were long lived, she just might be the first person to reach, with intact faculties, the theoretical age: one hundred and thirty five, which is not quite double the classical threescore and ten.


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