How to Get Over Someone You Love – It Just Takes Time

How to Get Over Someone You Love – It Just Takes Time

Are you looking to get over a broken relationship? If you want to get over a lost loved one you know that it’s not too easy. The process of moving on is often painful. It also seems to last for a lifetime while you are in the midst of the pain. Sometimes after more than a year you will come across a photo or go to a place that reminds you of your lost love and feel the pangs of regret all over again.

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If you want to know how to get over someone you love, you must realize that none of the answers are easy. No matter how ready you might think you are to move on and get over that person, the fact that you have to ask how to do it at all shows that it’s going to be a painful process. Sometimes it’s a slow process, too. You might think you’re over someone and a year or two later be reminded of that person and feel all the pain and sadness again. That doesn’t mean you’re not over the person, though. It is more like nostalgia now, you will feel a pang of regret for something that is long past and you may have wished for a different outcome.

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If you’ve had a lot emotionally invested into a relationship and it ends, it’s something that can potentially make you feel sad for years. Maybe even for the rest of your life. But that doesn’t mean the sadness has to be paralyzing or has to throw you into a depression. By getting over the person, you can realize that losing them made you sad, and look back on it as you would any sad loss. It’s the period of time soon after the loss that should be the hardest, that makes you ask how to get over someone you love.

If you are so devastated by the breakup of your relationship that you are not really able to get around and live your everyday life, you might want to consider counseling or at least talking with someone that you feel really comfortable with and who gives advice you respect. When you explain to your counselor or friend what happened they may offer some general advice on getting over a loved one. They may also have some advice that is specific to your situation. A professional counselor is thought by many to be better with helping you deal with your grief than a friend or family member is. That is not always the true however and you should trust your own feelings here. Go with the option that makes you feel best.

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Family and friends often may not have liked the person you were with in the first place and may think that you should just get over it and move on. They will just tell you to get past this phase and find someone new and better for you. You will ultimately do that someday but you will need to take some time to get feeling better and happy being just you again. A counselor has no personal interest in you life and will listen to how you are feeling and should have a better idea of when you are ready to move on before they tell you to start looking for a new relationship.

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A good counselor will be happy to listen to things you do not want to tell your friends and family. Some things that happen in a relationship are best not shared with people you care about.


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