How To Get Ex Girlfriend Back Fast – 7 Steps That Will Revive Your Relationship Really Fast

How To Get Ex Girlfriend Back Fast – 7 Steps That Will Revive Your Relationship Really Fast

You have split with the girl of your dreams – who, while in your relationship seemed like the personification of the devil Himself. Suddenly, after the split she looks like your dream girl again and you want her back. Here are 7 simple steps to lure her back into your arms:

1. Talk it out with her – men hate talking, so when you would tell your ex that you want to talk, this would come as a very pleasant surprise. Be sure that in the first meetings you should not talk; rather let her talk and you listen. Take the opportunity and listen carefully to what she has to say. Most of the things would be hurtful, but there would many things that would tell you how you hurt her.

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2. Tell her you love her – while she is upset and keeps complaining to you about everything you did to hurt her, tell her you love her and that you cannot imagine your life without her. Such declarations of love, delivered with the right amount of sentiment can be superb in reviving the feelings she had once upon a time for you.

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3. Show her the competition – saying that (I love you), manipulate the situation a little to have a few great looking women fall all over you. Do not show any direct interest in these overtures, but let your eyes say you like them. Your girlfriend needs to know that you might not stay ‘available’ for too long.

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4. Look exactly as you did when she loved you – you would know by now, which shirt she likes on you, what type of aftershave, what colors drive her wild and so on. Ensure that you wear only those things around her and tell her that all these remind you of her.

5. Rekindle the chemistry between the two of you – steal a kiss, touch her invitingly, flirt with her until she cannot resist you any longer. You have the advantage of knowing what really turns her on; use that intelligence to the best of your advantage.

6. Sex is good – maneuver yourself in such a manner that you fire the passion in both of you. Very often, what words cannot do, your bodies can do – i.e. bring back the old chemistry.

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7. Give her a ring – you need not marry her immediately or even in the near future. When you give her a ring, you are telling her, “I want to grow old with you!’ which women find irresistible”.


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