Breast Cancer

How Indoor Tanning Helps Prevent Breast Cancer

“Indoor tanning is safer than the sun helping to prevent breast cancer by up to 75% because of the Vitamin D benefits in the UV rays from tanning beds and booths. Only a moderate amount of UV rays is needed to achieve a healthy body along with a beautiful tan. Vitamin D is needed to survive and the human body doesn’t manufacture enough of it.

With our body starving for Vitamin D, the cells start to die causing all types of cancers with breast cancer ranking number one as the most deadly killer of cancers. The food is depleted of this much-needed vitamin, therefore you can take supplements, soak up 30 minutes in the sun or go to a tanning salon where you can get a five-minute spray tan or use the tanning bed for 10 to 15 minutes.

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UV rays are good for you in moderation because of the Vitamin D and you’re getting a tan at the same time. The problem with the sun it emits not only UVA rays but also UVB rays.
A small amount of UVB rays is emitted damaging our DNA. Sun tanning is risky because the UV rays are not consistent all the time, whereas indoor tanning is consistent so you get the same amount of UV rays.

Sun tanning during mid-day is most dangerous because it’s the hottest part of the day emitting more powerful UV rays causing heat strokes, cancer, premature aging and eye damage. It’s a myth that indoor tanning is risky, if instructions are followed properly. It takes just a small amount of UV rays to get a tan from the fluorescent UV bulbs in the tanning beds and booths.

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With proper guidance, wearing tanning goggles to protect the eyes is totally safe and gives you a natural tan with your needed source of Vitamin D in just a few minutes. More women die from breast cancer than any other form of cancer known. Most are deficient in vitamins which help keep us alive. Vitamin D along with other nutrients, destroys the bad cells that cause breast cancer.

The bad cells are stronger than the good cells attacking the immune system killing off the good cells. The sun gives you the Vitamin D you need, but the sun also causes burns among other illnesses and diseases if you stay in it too long.

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Tanning beds and booths emit a small amount of UV rays supplying you with plenty of Vitamin D while making your skin healthy and beautiful all at the same time helping to prevent breast cancer.”


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