How Do You Know When It’s Time To End A Relationship

How Do You Know When It’s Time To End A Relationship

If you’re dating women, and not yet looking to settle down, marry and have a family, you probably won’t want a relationship that lasts too long. After all, you want to sow your wild oats and experience all that life has to offer. My advice here is nothing to do with a long-term relationship and does not apply.
You may well meet the woman you believe is the ‘one’, but before that you won’t want to get too bogged down, and my advice is – If you’re not 100% sure after a couple of weeks, she’s not the ‘one’.
Assuming you want to have the maximum amount of fun with the maximum amount of women, here’s when you know it’s going downhill…

The sex starts to dry up – Uh-Oh! This is the first indicator. Women are often hotter than a hot thing at the start of a relationship but soon start to get a bit colder once they’ve got you in their clutches. Surprise, surprise, women use sex as a weapon. Don’t let them. The first time she leaves you cold you for no genuine reason (periods, illness, you are enough of a gentleman to know what’s genuine), accept it, but talk to her about it. Be honest. Unless she has a good explanation, don’t arrange anything for a few days and she’ll either start with the good stuff again or she’ll sulk like a little girl. If she sulks just dump her for good, you don’t need that.

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She becomes less tolerant. At the start she won’t mind if you smoke, if you drink, if you snore, if you play Starcraft 2 until all hours of the morning, but after a while she will become less tolerant of this. Now, in a long-term relationship, I say ‘fair enough’ she’ll want you to become more serious, buckle down and earn money and create a home. In anything other than that, it’s not acceptable. Women probably look at every relationship as a potential life match, no matter how honest you are about it she’ll still believe you will change your mind when you realise that you can’t live without her. Sigh! When you start noticing that this is happening, again be honest, tell her that she is taking you for granted and that you haven’t changed since you guys got together and would she stop complaining about the things you do. If she starts ranting or acts negatively in any other way, dump her.
Now, from your point of view, other things may also be happening. If you notice that:

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You can’t be bothered to see her

You keep wanting to see other women instead of her

You’d rather stay home and watch movies
Then you’re sick of her. It’s time to move on.
Don’t feel bad, unless you’ve lied about your intentions you’ve done nothing wrong. Never stay in a relationship in which you’re not happy and constantly examine yourself to see if you are happy. Remember, you have almost unlimited options, so use them.


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