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If there is one piece of advice that you heard the most from other home business marketers, it’s three simple words, don’t give up. That says a lot. Despite any challenges they or any other marketer faced, the relentless marketer carried on. When a potential customer turned them down, or a product or service didn’t sell, they moved on to the next one. When their websites didn’t get hits, they learned more about the Internet to improve their success rate. If one strategy didn’t pan out, they looked for a better way to improve it or they looked for a better one. Some switched the programs they were using altogether until they found the one that worked for them. But what they didn’t do is quit. And what all marketers say is that it works-if you stick with it, keep going be relentless and make it happen.

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When the going gets tough. When you got your first website, you invested a lot of money in advertising for your home business, but it just didn’t seem to pay off. But it didn’t make you quit. You’re just hard-headed, you guess, because you just persisted. You are a relentless marketer and keep telling yourself to keep going, you will prevail and make money. When things are tight, you feel like just throwing your hands up and saying okay I’m not putting any more money into it. But you don’t give up. Even when people were saying, you can’t make money at this, you just didn’t listen to them. You must be bound and determined you are going to make it go. You know what? Once you started selling your products and services both online and offline, it took off like wildfire.

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The tough get going. It’s all about your mind-set and what your outlook is. Nothing’s going to be easy with your home business online or offline. What you must do is firmly believe that if you just stick with it, don’t give up, it’s going to work. There are a lot of marketers jumping in there trying to do things, they go in and out with a flash, and then they’re gone. (Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up-Thomas A. Edison) The marketers who stay are the ones who are going to make it. This happens in every business.

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Anyone can make money with a home business. Have a lot of confidence in your products and services, they are outstanding, and the pricing is excellent. It’s something that everyone needs and works. Just do it, keep pushing, and don’t give up. Even if it’s part-time, spare-time, full-time, whatever-time and a couple hours a day, you can make money. The only way you’re ever going to succeed in anything in life and business, is to keep going. Forget about your emotions, forget about what your head is telling you, set your mind to what your heart is telling you. Keep going no matter what the circumstances are, and in the end it’ll all pay off. If you question that, you will fall.

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