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Herbal Remedy For Hot Flashes Important Herbs

“Women looking for herbal remedy for hot flashes shouldn’t limit themselves only to Chinese herbs Dong Quai and Ginseng as there are many herbs and you never which one is going to work for you. I am not advising you to experiment with your body especially when you need immediate relief from hot flashes. I am advising you to explore the market and find more herbs for treating menopausal symptoms. Internet is the best place to search anything whether it is a disease or a remedy. I found some useful herbs when searching remedies for menopausal symptoms.

Liferoot is a herb and the good thing about it is that it has been in use for treating gynecological disorders since ancient times. A native North American species of daisy family of plants, Liferoot is a uterine tonic. It regulates irregular periods and lessens heavy menstrual bleeding and improves vascular stability. Earlier it was used as tea but today it is available in easy to swallow tablet and capsule form. Liferoot works well as is evident from women using it since a long time. It was used by Catawba women to hasten the labor pain. When searching for herbal remedy for hot flashes, you would notice Liferoot. Devote sometime to study this herb. Understand its functionality and usability to arrive at an opinion regarding this herb.

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Plant extract can also be an herb. If you disagree on this point then read about Pine Bark Extract or Pycnogenol as herbal remedy for hot flashes. Extract of maritime pine tree called Landes, Pycnogenol is rich in antioxidants. This bark is free from hormones and it has no side effects. This herb is beneficial for those suffering from menopausal discomforts including vaginal dryness, headaches, fatigue and the dreading hot flashes. Pycnogenol is available in capsule and powder form to suit various needs. The good thing is that this medicine is available in leading health food stores.

Oat Straw is another herb that could be as herbal remedy for hot flashes. This herb is said to be helpful in a number of menopause related problems including hot flashes. It nourishes body and balances hormone system in the body. Also it strengthens bones, drives away negative energy from mind and improves nervous system. There are many herbs and it is not possible to describe all the herbs in a few hundred words. Menopausal women should search Internet for herbal remedy for menopausal symptoms.”


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